DIY | TV Stand Makeover

Hello there,

Today’s post is another furniture makeover, featuring a TV stand makeover. I picked up this TV stand from craigslist for $15.

TV Stand Makeover
The black hardware was removed prior to this picture

After a good wipe down, it was time for paint. I used my favorite little inexpensive chalk paint I picked up from Joann’s. The color used for this project is called, White Adirondack.

It took three coats of paint and really to be honest a fourth coat could have been applied to really finish it off. But I was being lazy and didn’t feel like painting on another coat, so three coats it was!

A light sanding was done between each coat and a quick wipe down. After the three coats of paint two coats of polycrylic was applied to seal it up. I used a synethic brush to apply the paint and sealer.

Next up the hardware. A quick coat of metallic gold spray paint was used on the hinges and knobs to breathe new life into them.

Time to put it altogether and see how she looks!

TV Stand Makeover
TV Stand Makeover

She looks lovely next to my DIY planter makeover if you want to check out that post click here!

TV Stand Makeover

How do you think the TV stand makeover turned out?

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DIY | Planter Makeover

Hey Guys!

I am back with another DIY project. Today’s post will be a planter makeover. This planter was purchased on Craiglist for $10.

planter makeover

Here she is in all her glory! It’s a big plastic planter and when I tell ya it was ugly and needed work, boy I am not lying! In this picture, I’ve already sanded a bit of the rough spots out as best I could.

Next, it was time to measure out the design. I measured 3 inches down from the top and made markings with a pen all the way around.

planter makeover

Then the same step was repeated for the bottom, except this time the measurement was just 1 1/2 inches up from the bottom.

planter makeover

Painter’s tape was added.

planter makeover

Then was time to take this bad boy out to the garage to spray paint it white.

planter makeover

After the paint dried, the old tape came off and new tape went on just below the white paint to line up perfectly with the next color that was going in the middle. Stay with me it’s all going to make sense soon. 🙂

But before the next color went on in the middle, I had to add some paper to protect my beautiful white paint that was just applied.

planter makeover

Now it’s ready for the middle color of paint!

planter makeover

Isn’t she lovely? The gold metallic paint just really makes her pop. Time to remove all the paper.

planter makeoverI actually used the paper to stuff the inside because I didn’t have any planter/floral foam stuff on hand.

Here’s a tip: paint the inside of your planter, I didn’t and kinda wished I had, but I made it work anyway.

Next, I added my moss from the dollar tree (two bags).

planter makeover

All done!

planter makeover

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Brightech | Lightview Flex Magnifying Lamp

**Disclaimer: This light was sent to me for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions remain my own. Some links may be affiliate links!


Hey Guys!

Over the last few months, I have been slowly building up my nail stash. In the past, I would go to the nail salon faithfully every two weeks to get a gel manicure. Well, I got tired of spending $35 a pop so I decided to buy all the supplies I needed to do it myself at home.


So when Brightech reached out to me to see if I would be willing to review their Lightview Flex Magnifying Lamp I jumped at the opportunity. I just knew it would be just the thing I needed while doing my manicures at home!

Brightech Magnifying Lamp

The lamp is an LED magnifying lamp that comes with a clamp and a base! The neck is adjustable and the 3 inch diopter glass lens is scratch and heat resistant. The light provided is daylight bright light with no glare. The best part: this lamp is super affordable!

Brightech Magnifying Lamp

My workstation is complete!

I am very pleased with this lamp, the base is sturdy and the neck is easy to maneuver with one hand. It provided the perfect amount of light and magnification I needed to see my nails.

Brightech Magnifying Lamp

I haven’t tried the clamp attachment yet but the lamp itself is super easy to attach the neck to the base.

Brightech Magnifying Lamp

This lamp has definitely been a big help for my nails, but can be used for anyone hobby or project where you need to focus and don’t want to strain your eyes. I would recommend it to anyone who needs extra light and magnification.

Brightech Magnifying Lamp

If you would like to purchase this lamp or one similar check out my link!

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DIY | Dining Room Table repurposed

Hey Guys!

Welcome to another DIY project! DIY dining room table.

In this post I will share with you how to repurpose a dining room table and give it new life.

Let’s start with a before picture, shall we.

DIY | Dining Room TableHmmm, where do I begin…..Well let’s start from the bottom up. The rug for starters was too small for the area, it was a 5 x 7. The chair cushions were stained by a couple of then smaller messy kids. They are still messy as teenagers just bigger, in case you wondered. The table itself had some scratches from moving. The plant in the corner was huge and overbearing. The centerpiece was underwhelming. Overall this corner of the home was just dark and uninviting.

Buying a new dining room table was a bit out of the price range and this piece still has great bones, solid wood with granite inlays. I just knew it could be freshened up, all it needed was a makeover!

First up were the granite inlays.

DIY | Dining Room TableAfter removing them from the table, and a good cleaning later they were ready to be covered. Using this Con-Tact paper purchased at The Home Depot.

Here is the after:

DIY | Dining Room TableThis was a little tricky at first, the hardest part was smoothing out the bubbles, a credit card is a perfect tool for the job.

Next up were the chairs. That meant, this project moved down into the basement, old scrap wood was perfect to set the chair on for painting.

DIY | Dining Room Table

Here is the before of the chair

DIY | Dining Room TableThe chalk paint used in this project was by Folk Art in the color Oatmeal, all it took was two coats on all four chairs and the table. A total of 3 bottles was used to completely finish the job. The chalk paint was applied with a cheapy synthetic brush purchased at Joann’s.

DIY | Dining Room TableHere is how the chair looked after one coat

DIY | Dining Room TableAnd here is how it looked after two coats

DIY | Dining Room TableClose up

DIY | Dining Room TableA light sanding in between each coat with 320 grit sandpaper helped give the paint a smooth finish and remove any brush strokes.

To seal the chalk paint wax was the first thought, but after researching Polycrylic won the battle. Since this is a high traffic area I wanted to make sure my paint job held up over time. Three coats of polycrylic and a light sanding in between each coat with the same 320 grit sandpaper was done.

The same steps were repeated for the table.

DIY | Dining Room TableFor the chair cushions 2 yards of fabric was purchased at Joann’s, which was exactly enough to cover all four chairs.  A nice layer of scotch guard was added to help protect it from the messy teenagers.

DIY | Dining Room TableHere is the after photo!

DIY | Dining Room Table

Hello gorgeous 🙂

DIY | Dining Room Table

Let’s start from the bottom up. The rug was replaced with a carpet remnant purchased from a local store. This was by far the priciest item of this whole project. The rug is 7 x 9 feet and it was bound as well. The total cost was $163 including tax. The centerpiece was updated with a vase that was already had on hand, the white sand was purchased at Michael’s and the beige sand was purchased at the Dollar Tree.

The stems were bought from Michael’s in two batches, the first was 40% off each stem. The second batch was buy one get one free. The picture on the right wall replaced the two smaller pictures in the before photo. Just a simple swap was all it took, this picture was in another part of the house. The picture on the left is the same picture, the frame was just spray painted a dark grey to tie into the sectional couch (you can see a little bit of it in the bottom right corner). Finally the huge tree was removed!

I love this pace now, it looks much more bright and open and not to mention like a whole new set of furniture!

What do you guys think?



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DIY | Fabric Headboard (Any Size)

Hey Guys!

Recently my bed frame broke 🙁 so instead of buying an entirely new bed frame I decided to make a headboard! First I started out on craigslist and found a metal frame for $25.

Next I made my way up to The Home Depot to gather all my supplies. I made a king size diy fabric headboard but you can make this headboard in any size to fit your mattress. Just make sure you measure twice and cut once!

DIY Fabric Headboard

So for that very reason I won’t be giving any measurements in this post (also because I kinda forgot them) but never mind that part.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 – Sheet of wood
  • 1- 2×4 Cut to your desired height
  • Foam
  • Batting 3 yards (I used polyester but you can use which kind you like best)
  • Fabric (3 yards) 54 inch
  • Spay Glue
  • Staple Gun & staples
  • Wood Screws
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Marker
  • Jigsaw (optional) for design of headboard
  • Decorative nailhead trim

Alright once you’ve gathered all of your supplies let’s get started!

This is what my board looked liked before I did anything to it (other than have it cut to the size I wanted at The Home Depot).

I purchased the OSB board it was around $12-$13.

DIY Fabric Headboard Next I used a bowl out of my kitchen 🙂 and a marker to trace the design on the corners I wanted to cut out with my jigsaw.

DIY Fabric HeadboardHere is how the cut looked:

DIY Fabric HeadboardI was trying to go for this design I found online:

DIY Fabric Headboard

Then I took my ruler and my marker and drew a border around the entire wood frame (around 2 inches) you’ll see why in a bit.

DIY Fabric Headboard

After that was done, I laid out the foam I purchased from Joann’s on the ground and then laid the wood on top so I could cut away the extra corner pieces of the foam. The foam was by far the most expensive material out of the entire project. I want to say I paid around $70 for this foam, that’s including a coupon. So you can totally skip this step if you want.


DIY Fabric Headboard

Cut away excess foam from both corners

Then I cut away the excess foam from the 2 in. border I created.

DIY Fabric HeadboardI used spray glue to adhere the foam onto the wood board.

DIY Fabric HeadboardThen it was time to cover it with the batting and fabric. I first ironed the fabric to ensure there were no wrinkles. Next I laid it out on the ground as smooth as possible and then laid my headboard on top. I then started stapling from the middle and worked my way around pulling the fabric taut as I went.

Once that was done, I used my staple gun to go along the front of the headboard where the border was to create a layered effect.

Then I tried to use individual nails to trim around the empty border space where the wood was with no foam but as you can see it was much harder than I thought. I couldn’t get the darn nails straight to save my life.

DIY Fabric Headboard

Total fail

I decided to use the other nail trim head that is all connected and you just add a separate nail to each five nail trims. I purchased it at Joann’s, the original cost was $21.99 but I used a 50% off coupon so the price I paid was $$10.99.

DIY Fabric HeadboardHere is what it looked like when I was done.

DIY Fabric HeadboardAt this point we are almost done. Here is how the headboard looked without the legs attached. You could secure it to your wall from here if you wanted, but since I am a renter I didn’t want to put any extra holes in the wall.

DIY Fabric Headboard

So I happened to have an extra 2×4 laying around in my garage so I cut it down to my desired height and used 2 in. trim head wood screws to secure it to the headboard.

DIY Fabric HeadboardDIY Fabric HeadboardIf you care about the back looking pretty you could cover it with that backing material they sell at Joann’s. Clearly as you can see I didn’t care, my bed sits up against the wall no one will ever see the back.

Before setting the frame up in my room I sprayed the entire headboard (fabric side of course) with Scotch Guard to protect the fabric from any stains.

The last step is to just connect your diy fabric headboard to your metal frame. I used my drill to create two holes at the bottom of my legs and then purchased a pack of bolts from The Home Depot and secured the legs to the frame.

Here is the finished product:

DIY Fabric Headboard DIY Fabric Headboard

The total cost of this headboard project cost me around $200. That includes: wood, spray glue, fabric, foam, staple gun & staples, batting, metal frame and bolts.

Pricey I know and I could have just bought one but I get the satisfaction of telling people I made it and showing it off :).

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