Acne Treatment

Hello Ladies,
Some of you may or may not know that I suffer from acne, yes still at age 30 🙁 Sad isn’t it I thought acne was supposed to go away once you were out of your teens, but not for me! I have in the past talked about my different methods I have used to treat my acne. Various methods for cleansing my face from the oil method to what I am currently using now which is African Black Soap.

I came across this site Tanda Skin Care that offers a new way to combat your acne with light therapy. I am interested in this and will be doing more research but from what I have read so far it states the light therapy is works better than Benzoyl Peroxide and it doesn’t cause the usual flakiness, dryness or irritation that some new products cause when you first try them.

What is your method for clearing your acne?
Do you have any tips or tricks you can share?

I so need them 🙂



  1. I have never heard of the product line! BUT I can't wait to read more of your reviews! I, at 28, still suffer fom acne too! And I need a resolution!

  2. Charlotte's Avenue says:

    I shall be looking at this product and checking it out. I'm 36 and still suffer from acne from time to time. So, I'm interested in checking it out, doll!! I want some nice, clear skin ALL THE TIME! 🙂

    Great post,


  3. I don't suffer from acne as much as I dislike this dark spot on the side of my face. I found a line called Specific Beauty that is made for women with darker hues. I love this line. I have never noticed a difference in my skin as I have with this, I can tell if I haven't used it especially in regards to my spot of hyperpigmentation. The only other thing I ever really do is exfoliate at home with ingredients from the kitchen. I will be blogging about that soon.

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