DIY: Barbie House

So this year Jordyn’s birthday she told me wanted a Barbie Doll House well I checked them out online and they were pricey and plastic-y so I decided I would make her one!


I purchased a 3 shelf bookcase at Walmart, it was black so I bought 2 cans of spray paint and painted it white

¬†I will be adding more as we go but I wanted to have something done on her birthday, the first level is the living room and we’ll add the kitchen area later, notice the green grass rug with her doggy outside and her car parked on the other side ūüôā

¬†I crocheted the couch and the throw pillow, the rug was a free sample at Lowe’s the coffee table was $1 at Joann’s and I painted it. The plant I bought the mini pot at Joann’s for $0.99 and already had fake plants that I cut and hot glued onto a stick that I stuck on a piece of garden foam that I bought at the Dollar Tree for $1 and added a little moss. The hardwood floor squares I got free from my mom.

¬†The wallpaper is scrapbook paper I already had and I glued using Elmer’s spray glue in a can (also already had on hand), another free rug the tile was $0.38 at Lowe’s. The mirror came in a 4 pack and was $0.99 at Joann’s. This will be the kitchen area soon but for now it’s Barbie’s hair station ūüôā

¬†The window is made of a thin wooden stick I bought at Joann’s for $0.99 I used two sticks for two windows, painted them with paint I already had and hot glued it together and added the blue scrapbook paper in the background for the sky.

¬†Here is the upstairs and Barbie’s bedroom

¬†Stickers in the background were ones I already had of stars, hearts, butterfly’s etc. The nightstand is a wooden block I purchased at Joann’s for $0.99 and painted pink and added the white to make it look like two drawers with the jewels as the handles. The bed is made of styrofoam that I covred in felt and then hot glued the fabric around for the bed skirt (all of which I already had on hand) except the fabric I bought 2 squares of fabric in two different colors for $0.99 at Wal Mart. The headboard is a square of cardboard with batting glued on and covered in fabric. The pillow I crocheted, stuffed and stitched the B in pink yarn for Barbie.

 Close up of the pillow

 Another free rug, and pillow I crocheted with Barbie furniture my daughter already had.

 Barbie on her bed, another potted plant I just painted this one hot pink with white poka dots to match the room

¬†Close up of one of the mirrors with scrapbook paper behind it ūüôā

 Close up of the stickers on the wall

¬†And finally Barbie’s doggy taking a bath in the front yard on the “grass”

I hope you like it! I hope I inspired you guys to be creative and make something one of kind!

Final Price: $36.62 amazing right?

Here is the breakdown:

Bookshelf: $15 Wal Mart

(2) Tiles (only ended up using one though) : $0.99 each Lowe’s

Window Sticks (2): $0.99 each Joann’s

Hardwood Floors (3): free from my mom

Paint: Free already had

Crocheted items: Free already had yarn

Cardboard for headboards: free already had

Rugs: free samples at Lowe’s

Disco Ball (not pictured haven’t put it up yet) $0.97 at Joann’s

Coffee Table: $1.00 Joann’s

Scrapbook paper: free already had

Night Stand (2) only one used: $1.00 each

Fabric (2): $0.99 each at Wal Mart

Styrofoam for beds: Free already had

Batting for headboards and pillow stuffing: free already had

Felt: free already had but

Spray Paint (paint & primer in one) (2) $4.97 each at Wal Mart

Mirrors: 4 pack $0.99 at Joann’s

Moss for plants: $0.99 Dollar Tree

Foam for potted plants: $0.99 Dollar Tree

I will definitely keep you guys updated with pics as I add more

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  1. Wow that is so awesome & amazingly done… and very special.

  2. Absolutely fabulous, I will definitely keep this in mind for my 2 girls. They would love a doll house..Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Oh how cute! You are too creative! I love it!

  4. Wow, Tiffany, this is incredible, seriously, so cute!! Amazing job!

  5. OOOOOH I wish i had a girl, how cute.. and creative

  6. Tiff!!!! This is so cool…thanks for sharing and giving my us such great inspiration: -)

  7. you are a GENIUS!!! EEEK! I LOOOOVE THIS MAN!!! I was fortunate to find a dollhouse around xmas time for under $25 and you are right. it is 100% plastic-y! BUT I am so inspired by this post and how sleek and sturdy this looks. may have to do something like this at some point this year. Looks too much fun, EEEK! Lovin the crochet work. EEEEEEEEEK!

  8. oooo you know i love me a steal and this is awesome!

  9. Katherine G says:

    Girl!! This is so pretty!! I am positive she is going to love it!!!

  10. So very cool and creative! I love the idea

  11. What in the what??!! Girl, you got skillz!

  12. How cute!!!! Great job, Tiff.


  13. Love it!!!! This looks so great. Bookmarking for JJ’s birthday!!

  14. Stopping by from the alexa hop. LOVE your creation, great job!

  15. LOVE!
    This is why I need a girl!

  16. WOW that is amazing!! love it!! I am a new follower from Bloggymoms!!
    Stop by my site when you can!

  17. Very creative. I can’t believe that you did all that for $36! I’m sure your daughter will cherish it!


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