Taking The Stage: Bunny

Hello Lovelies and welcome to another addition of Taking The Stage!

Today we have Dominique-Alexis who takes amazingly great care of and creates some of the most creative and intricate styles for her ten year old sister Bunny!

Tell us a little about yourself and your little one:

Bunny is my ten year old little sister and I’ve been taking care of her hair for a couple years now. What started out as a way to help my mom out quickly turned into a passion of mine! I style her hair, my hair, and all of my cousins when they come to visit!

I’m teaching her which products to use, how to style her hair, how to wash it, and all the need to know stuff for taking care of natural hair. We hope to open our own hair salon together for people with natural, curly, and biracial hair one day! (How awesome is that?!?!? The diva and I will definitely be customers 🙂


What is your current hair care daily/weekly/monthly/yearly routine?

I’ve been a bit of a styling rut lately to tell the truth, so Bunny’s mostly been wearing twists and more twists.

Weekly: Generally she washes her hair on Wednesday night, then I condition it, detangle it, and leave it to stretch until Friday when I style it. Unless the hair style is just going to be twists, then I two strand twist her on wet hair.

Monthly: I like to do some type of deep moisturizing treatment at least once a month.

Yearly: Once or twice a year a trim her ends.

What are your staple products?

Right now we’re using a lot of different products, but her hair seems to like Darcys Botanicals out of everything the most!

Favorite hair style?

Bunny’s favorite hairstyle would definitely have to be a braided Mohawk.

Worst hair mishap?

Hmmm…I think that would have to be not moisturizing it enough!

Any advice you would like to offer our readers?

Moisturize! Have fun with your hair! Love your curls!

Anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to say that natural hair is amazing and if going natural is something that you’d like to try, go for it! Don’t forget to check out our site: Natural-hair-care-info.com!
D-A & Bunny



  1. OOOO, maybe we’ll send each other business one day because you and I hold the same dream! <3 Bunny's hair always looks fabulous!

  2. I love DA and Bunny and their blog! Great feature!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring her! I love this =)

  4. She is so cute and the styles she gets are amazing.

  5. She’s so darlin’!! Love her hair!


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