MedImmune: Tips & Tricks to Help You This Flu Season #MC

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The cold and flu season is upon us folks, are you ready for it? If you are a parent like me I am sure you might be a little worried about your kiddos with all the germs the little ones can encounter at school and/or daycare. Elizabeth Pantley has a great ebooklet called, “A Parent’s Guide to Flu Season”.

Elizabeth shares some great information on the flu virus, like did you know that the flu germs can live on surfaces for up to eight hours?!? Also virus particles found in coughs or sneezes can reach up to six feet away! I didn’t know that it could reach that far but I am always mindful of reminding my kids to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze.

The flu isn’t just a bad cold it’s a much more serious illness than some people think. It’s a highly contagious viral infection that can potentially lead to major complications such as hospitalization and in even some cases death.

Every year around 20,000 children in the U.S. are hospitalized with flu complications that range from dehydration, pneumonia or infections. While colds are caused by over 200 different viruses the flu is caused by only three different types of a specific virus.

Luckily no one in my household has been hit with any icky cold or flu symptoms (fingers crossed, knocks on wood) so far and I am thrilled!

Here are some things I did and continue to do help protect my family from the cold and/or flu:

  • Get a flu shot, me and the kiddos all got our flu shots this year. The hubby is a tough egg to crack on this one. I’m working on it though!
  • I keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer hanging on my purse and I send my kids to school with their own little bottle as well to keep in their backpacks.
  • Take Vitamin C chewables, to help keep our immune systems strong we pop a couple of chewable Vitamin C tablets for an extra boost!
  • Wash hands often, I encourage my kids to always wash their hands and to try to keep them off their face.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and light switches, every weekend when I do my normal cleaning I make sure I wipe down all doorknobs and light switches with some form of bleach or bacteria killing cleaner.

Check out some more helpful tips & tricks to use

  Flu Prevention Tips for Parents Infographic

What tips and trick do you use to help your family stay healthy and sick free during the cold and flu season?

I’d love to hear yours!




  1. jacquiodell says:

    I am constantly having my kids washing their hands and spraying everything with spray. They also get the flu shot.

  2. I’m actually sick right now! I am taking Emergen-C a million times a day!

  3. Lots of washing hands with soap and loading up on vitamin c 🙂

  4. Humidifier, Vit C, hand washing and snuggles are Dr Mom’s recommendations to staying healthy during cold and flu season!

  5. I just put MORE hand sanitizer in my purse. Thanks for the reminder!

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