Meet Shary from Atta Mama

Hey Guys! In my down time I love finding new blogs to read so I can find some inspiration in all areas of my life whether it's new crafts or recipes or make-up looks. So when I was browsing around Social Fabric and saw they were having a virtual gift exchange I decided to sign up. What better way to meet a cool new blogger than this, I thought to myself.   My gift exchange recipient is Shary the author/editor of Atta Mama. I've been visiting Shary's site quite often over the last week or so to see what kind of person and blogger she is, and she is amazing just as she said she was in her About Me section on her blog :) We have so much in common it's kinda crazy, from tattoos to sewing and crocheting it was really cool learning about her. I love her writing style!!!! I found some really cool DIY projects done by Shary and this DIY: Envelopes from Magazine Pages will definitely be going on my to-do list :)    To learn more about Shary and all her awesomeness check … [Read more...]

July Hair Carnival: Copy Cat Style

Hey Guys! Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Copy Cat Hair Style hosted by Untrained Hair Mom I was assigned to Naturally Twisted Hairstyles Here is a picture of the style I attempted to copy And here is my recreation of the style: I couldn't get those pesky hairs at the bottom to tuck in :( But overall I think I did a pretty good job :) Check out all the other cop cat styles   … [Read more...]

Made With Love: Sponsor Spotlight

The made with love giveaway hop is fast approaching and I am soooo excited for this event. This giveaway hop is special because it involves prizes that are hand made, I will be making the most awesomest (I know that's not a word) :) crocheted cowl ever and to go along with my cowl my blogging buddy and budding crocheter and AMAZING jewelry designer Tracey has made a beautiful pair of hand stitched beaded earrings to match the cowl!Allow me to introduce you to Tracey is the owner of Clash Of Designs where she showcases all of her amazing work, she also has her own esty shop and if that isn't enough for ya she also runs a blog dedicated to natural hair care and styles, Baby Bella HairHere are examples of her beautiful designsAren't you excited?!?!?!Aren't the pieces gorgeous?!?!?Come back between Nov 8th through Nov 13th to enter for your chance to win some great prizes made by yours truly and Tracey!Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Blogger Spotlight: Boys And Girls Natural Curls

Good Saturday Morning to you!!!!   Today is going to be a busy day today, lots of cleaning to be done, lots of errands to run, blah, blah, blah. But before I started on all of that I wanted to introduce you and re-introduce you to those that are familiar with another one of my fav mommy bloggers Boys And Girls Natural Curls. This blog is dedicated to natural curly hair for both boys and girls, I know some readers have a hard time finding blogs dedicated to boys curls so this blog is definitely for you! She also does product reviews, and makes the most beautiful flower clips. Her flower clips can be made in any color are very reasonably priced. I purchased this pretty purple and lavender one from her for the diva.The diva absolutely LOVES this flowerSo please take a min and go check out her blog!Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Blogger Spotlight: Mainly Braids

Hello Ladies! Today I wanted to highlight one of my many favorite blogs Mainly Braids. Shay creates some of the most fun, creative, and stylish braided hairstyles on her beautiful daughter A. Not only is she a fabulous hair do'er she is also a budding graphic designer, okay I call her that but she does make the most awesome headers, buttons, etc for your blog for amazingly affordable prices. She created the header for my blog, isn't it beautiful? I surely think so :) So if you are in need of hair inspiration or an update to your blog please stop by and check out her little piece of the blogging world.Enjoy! … [Read more...]