Braid Out + Length Check

 I started this style on clean freshly deep conditioned hair. I used Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Ouidad's Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel I put my hair in 8 cornrows and let them dry completely. The next morning I unbraided the braids for a braid out. Here are the results:  Current Length Check: Front: 12.5 in Sides: 13 in Top Middle: 12 in Back: 9.5 in   Here are my last measurements from 12/29/2011: Front: 10.5 in (gained 2.5 in) Sides: 11 in (gained 2 in) Top Middle: 12 in (remained the same) Back: 7.5 in (gained 2.5 in)  Here are more pics:  For the front section I decided to keep one braid in, just to spice things up a little. :)Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Wavy Braid Out

Style: Wavy Braid Out So to start this style, I sectioned my hair into two sections. Then I made two Dutch braids or cornrows going to the back of my head. Once the two braids are finished roll and tuck them under and bobby pin them in place. I wore my hair like this for 3 days Then I took the braids down for a braid out and flat twisted the front and pinned it and came up with this style     … [Read more...]

Longest Braid Out Ever!!!!

I am so proud of this braid out because it lasted for 4 days!!!! Woo-hoo that is a new record, usually my styles only last for 3 days tops then it's time for something new. Day 1-3 (I wore the same style for 3 days, pictures are of day 1 hair) flash no flash no flash flash I couldn't decide what looked better flash or no flash, so I gave you both lol Day 4 :) Took the design out a little frizzy but still wearable :) I call it a success! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Twists + Washing = EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

So remember my twists? Well my hair was already starting to get dirty/itchy so I decided I would wash them. I planned it all out in my head I sectioned the twists in four sections and banded them like this   4 sections I even left a little room at the roots so I could sit my fingers in like this To work the shampoo in I did my hands like this (In and Out) on my scalp to massage the shampoo in In   Out Sounds like a good well thought out plan right? Well I thought so and I've heard of other people washing their twists with no problems..... Well when I got out of the shower my twist were HORRIBLE there is no after photo cause it was nothing nice I could even take a pic :( they were destroyed, all my time wasted :( So I took what was left of them out and put 14 braids in my hair The white stuff is moisturizer I didn't rub it in good he he … [Read more...]

Braid Out On Dry Hair

Style: Braid Out On Dry Hair used the same method from this post only difference is I did this style on dry hair instead of we hair and here are the results   Enjoy! … [Read more...]