Crochet Braids on Natural Hair: Protective Style

Hey Guys! I am back with a new post. Today's post is about a new style I tried on Jordyn, crochet braids. My sis-n-law introduced them to me and I did a little youtube research and watched a ton of videos on them. I went to Wal Mart and purchased this latch hook for just under $2.00. I found it in the craft section where the yarn and crochet needles are. Next I went to my local beauty supply and purchased 2 packs of FreeTress Synthetic hair in Water Wave. I cut the hair in half and only ended up using about 1 1/2 packs.   I started the style on freshly washed and deep conditioned stretched hair. Here is the braid pattern I used I connected all the braids together so I would only have one braid left. I tucked this braid in between the cornrows. To better secure it you can use a little weave thread and secure it that way, it will be a better hold. I also would recommend making your cornrows smaller than mine. After I finished I realized that I should … [Read more...]

Individual Braids with Extensions (Synthetic Hair)

Hey Guys, Long time no hair talk, huh? Sorry about that but there is a reason for that. Well if you follow me on instagram (and if you don't, you totally should because I post cool pics) then you'll know that I put some individual braids into Jordyn's hair back at the end of June 2014. Prep: To prep the hair for braiding I pre-pooed her hair by saturating it with coconut oil overnight, next I washed her hair twice using Alba Botanica Shampoo Next I deep conditioned with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner for an hour. Then after rinsing I applied my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Creme. I banded her hair and let it air dry overnight. While braiding I used my homemade Shea Butter mix to seal in all the moisture I put in. Hair Used for Braiding  I used the Batik hair which costs $9.99 a pack but it's the best synthetic hair that so close to human hair. It was well worth the price, and you should be able to find it at any local beauty supply store. I bought two packs but … [Read more...]

Box Braids: Individuals

Hiya! Jordyn had been telling me for the longest time that she wanted braids with added hair, I think she saw a girl at school with some and got inspired :) Well I thought to myself that's not a bad idea that would actually save me time in the morning from styling and/or combing hair. But I also knew I didn't want to pay anyone to do them when they look to easy to do yourself. So I talked with my cousin who braids her daughter's hair and then checked out YouTube for a visual (my cousin lives in VA) I got the hang of how to attach the fake hair to her real hair, there are many different methods people use but I found the easiest way for me was starting with the fake hair under the real hair and bringing the two ends up and over one another and over the real hair like a breast cancer cross and then proceeding to braid and using the real hair as my third part of the braid. The real hair stayed in the middle and the fake hair on the outer sides.  six hours later we were done … [Read more...]

3 Braids Into A Bun

Hey There, I tried to spice up Jordyn's bun and add 3 braids to the front and back of her head. Pretty quick and simple, I just used bobby pins to hold the braids in place. … [Read more...]

Braided Ponytails & A Bun

This is our week 2 protective style. I just made 5-6 small braids in the front of the diva's head and then connected them to one ponytail and made the ponytail a bun      … [Read more...]

Braided Side Bun: Protective Style

If you don't already know I am a huge fan of protective styles for my hair so this is the style that I wore my hair in for the last 3 days. This style was done on freshly washed, deep conditioned, and stretched hair. This is 3rd day hair and I was bad and didn't sleep with my satin bonnet on last night : / Enjoy! … [Read more...]

The Braided Twist: Protective Style

Lately it has been unusually cold here in So Cal so I wanted to give the diva a cute protective style and this popped into my head.I started with the take down of this style (which by the way lasted for a whole week yay)Next I sectioned the hair in three sectionsTwo sections in the back and one half in the front. I then made three cornrows on each side to meet in the middle of the two back sections of hair and then freestyled the cornrows on the top half of the head to all meet towards the middle.I rubber band the 2 ponytails at a time together and then two strand twisted each ponytailI could have left it like this for a mohawk do' but I opted to make little rosettes out of the twists and pinned them with bobby pinsThe diva said she will wear her hair like this for 5 days then she'll wear it out like a mohawk. (I guess she told me huh?)Anyhoo I used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Coconut Oil and water from my spray bottle to get this lookEnjoy! … [Read more...]

Braids & Twists

Who says you can't have both? Actually this is the first time I've mixed the two on the diva and I think it looks great :)Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Back To School Hair Style: 6 looks in 1

So I started with four ponytails going vertical down the middle of the diva heads and then added a few cornrows to each ponytail for a little pizazz :) The first look was just braided ponytails The next day we did look 2 a braid out Then for our day 3 look we made buns! I had to make the buns kinda tight because I needed to make it last all day at school For our fourth look I did 3 strand twists For our fifth look we did a twist out For our final look I alternated between doing buns and 3 strand twists on each of the four ponytails We got a good week out of this style which is great! Jordyn loved it! What will your child's back to school style be? Enjoy! Check out all of these other great back to school styles … [Read more...]