Simple Elegant Updo on Natural Hair


Hey Guys, Today's hair tutorial is a simple easy elegant updo on natural hair. When I started to do my hair I didn't have this style in mind, I just kinda winged it and came up with this. Let's get started! Notes: My hair is currently BSL (bra strap length) however this style can be achieved on shorter hair as long has you have the length to roll and tuck a bun. My hair was in an old twist out but can be in any textured state. Items Needed: two ponytail holders bobby pin/s I began with grabbing sections (I didn't part) hair on each side of my head by my ears and made two flat twists on either side of my head. I gathered them both in the middle of the back of my head and secured with a small ponytail holder.   I took the remaining hair that was left down in the back and secured it into a loose ponytail adding the remaining hair that was secured already from my flat twists.   Next I took the loose hair in my ponytail I just made and … [Read more...]

Flat Twist Into A Rolled Bun (Protective Style)

Picture 175

Hey Guys! Here is a quick and easy peasy protective style that is perfect for the office or anywhere really. I made two flat twists on either side of my head starting with a slight side part, next I gathered the hair into a ponytail and rolled the loose hair upward and  pinned into place using two combs, you could also just use bobby pins if you like. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

July Hair Carnival: Copy Cat Style


Hey Guys! Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Copy Cat Hair Style hosted by Untrained Hair Mom I was assigned to Naturally Twisted Hairstyles Here is a picture of the style I attempted to copy And here is my recreation of the style: I couldn't get those pesky hairs at the bottom to tuck in :( But overall I think I did a pretty good job :) Check out all the other cop cat styles   … [Read more...]

3 Braids Into A Bun

Picture 185

Hey There, I tried to spice up Jordyn's bun and add 3 braids to the front and back of her head. Pretty quick and simple, I just used bobby pins to hold the braids in place. … [Read more...]

Pompadour & Two Buns on Natural Hair

Picture 199-001

Hey Guys, I wanted to try something with my different with my hair style so I decided on this style a Pompadour & Two Buns done on natural hair. I sectioned my hair from ear to ear horizontally to creat two ponytails along with a section in the front of my head.   To create my buns I took the top ponytail's loose hair and rolled it under and pinned in place.   For the bottom ponytail's loose hair I rolled the hair upward and pinned in place. For the pompadour I rolled the front section of hair backward toward my head and pinned in place. This style is versatile anyone can wear it no matter what their hair texture is!   Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Bun with Side Swoop

Picture 116

So after my awesome braid out began to look a little unruly :) I decided to put it in my all time favorite style EVER.... a bun, what else?!?     Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Ponytails & Buns

Picture 086

   Here is another great protective style option :) Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Braided Ponytails & A Bun

Picture 014

This is our week 2 protective style. I just made 5-6 small braids in the front of the diva's head and then connected them to one ponytail and made the ponytail a bun      … [Read more...]

Sindewinders and a Bun

Picture 008

Just a cute and fun protective style     I absolutely love sidewinders, if you don't have any yet you should definitely purchase some the color combos are endless. … [Read more...]

Protective Styling: Week 1


Hello Lovelies :)The diva is participating in Kandy's Protective Style Challenge from Jan. 19 through March 19 so sit back, buckle up and enjoy a weekly update of our protective styles.So here is week one's style:She acted like she couldn't take her eyes off her game for 2 seconds for a  pic! Enjoy! … [Read more...]