Two Buns: Hairstyle on Natural Hair

Hey Guys! I tried to get my creative juices flowing when I sat down to do Jordyn's hair. I wanted something quick and easy but also a style that would last for a few days. I came up with this! I started off by sectioning her hair in half horizontally from ear to ear. Next I started working on the back half of her head. I made three more horizontal parts and connected each of the ponytails together going upwards. When I got to the crown area of her head I split the hair from the last ponytail in half. Now it's time to work on the front section. I created a zig zag part going vertically to make two sections of hair. Then I made the two buns in front of her head with the two sections of hair. I also added the remaining hair from the back ponytail that I split in half. I just twisted each section and connected them to their respective buns. Here's another shot That's it, all done! Total Style Time: 20-30 minutes Products: Cantu Coconut Curl Cream and … [Read more...]

Braided Twisted Updo on Natural Hair

Hey Guys! I'm back with another updo style. I started this style on stretched hair and I used the following products: Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie and I also used Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Perfect Edges for Jordyn's edges.   I started the style by making a middle part (horizontally) from ear to ear. I tied the top section off and started work on the bottom half of her head. I made a zig zag part going down the middle of her head and then made two cornrows going up toward the top of her head.   I criss crossed the two cornrows and added them to the top section of hair and created a bun For the front section I sectioned off just a small section of hair and made one big fluffy twist and brought it to one side of her hair and pinned it down underneath the bun The total time for styling was around 20 minutes and this style lasted us for a week. At night I tied her hair down with a satin … [Read more...]

Simple Elegant Updo on Natural Hair

Hey Guys, Today's hair tutorial is a simple easy elegant updo on natural hair. When I started to do my hair I didn't have this style in mind, I just kinda winged it and came up with this. Let's get started! Notes: My hair is currently BSL (bra strap length) however this style can be achieved on shorter hair as long has you have the length to roll and tuck a bun. My hair was in an old twist out but can be in any textured state. Items Needed: two ponytail holders bobby pin/s I began with grabbing sections (I didn't part) hair on each side of my head by my ears and made two flat twists on either side of my head. I gathered them both in the middle of the back of my head and secured with a small ponytail holder.   I took the remaining hair that was left down in the back and secured it into a loose ponytail adding the remaining hair that was secured already from my flat twists.   Next I took the loose hair in my ponytail I just made and … [Read more...]

Flat Twist Into A Rolled Bun (Protective Style)

Hey Guys! Here is a quick and easy peasy protective style that is perfect for the office or anywhere really. I made two flat twists on either side of my head starting with a slight side part, next I gathered the hair into a ponytail and rolled the loose hair upward and  pinned into place using two combs, you could also just use bobby pins if you like. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

July Hair Carnival: Copy Cat Style

Hey Guys! Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Copy Cat Hair Style hosted by Untrained Hair Mom I was assigned to Naturally Twisted Hairstyles Here is a picture of the style I attempted to copy And here is my recreation of the style: I couldn't get those pesky hairs at the bottom to tuck in :( But overall I think I did a pretty good job :) Check out all the other cop cat styles   … [Read more...]

3 Braids Into A Bun

Hey There, I tried to spice up Jordyn's bun and add 3 braids to the front and back of her head. Pretty quick and simple, I just used bobby pins to hold the braids in place. … [Read more...]

Pompadour & Two Buns on Natural Hair

Hey Guys, I wanted to try something with my different with my hair style so I decided on this style a Pompadour & Two Buns done on natural hair. I sectioned my hair from ear to ear horizontally to creat two ponytails along with a section in the front of my head.   To create my buns I took the top ponytail's loose hair and rolled it under and pinned in place.   For the bottom ponytail's loose hair I rolled the hair upward and pinned in place. For the pompadour I rolled the front section of hair backward toward my head and pinned in place. This style is versatile anyone can wear it no matter what their hair texture is!   Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Bun with Side Swoop

So after my awesome braid out began to look a little unruly :) I decided to put it in my all time favorite style EVER.... a bun, what else?!?     Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Ponytails & Buns

   Here is another great protective style option :) Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Braided Ponytails & A Bun

This is our week 2 protective style. I just made 5-6 small braids in the front of the diva's head and then connected them to one ponytail and made the ponytail a bun      … [Read more...]