Crochet Braids on Natural Hair: Protective Style

Hey Guys! I am back with a new post. Today's post is about a new style I tried on Jordyn, crochet braids. My sis-n-law introduced them to me and I did a little youtube research. After watching a ton of videos on them I was ready to try it out. I went to Wal Mart and purchased this latch hook for just under $2.00. You can find it in the craft section where the yarn and crochet needles are. Next I went to my local beauty supply and purchased 2 packs of FreeTress Synthetic hair in Water Wave. I cut the hair in half and only ended up using about 1 1/2 packs.   To start, Jordyn's hair was freshly washed, deep conditioned and then stretched overnight. Here is the braid pattern I used. All the braids were connected together so only one braid was left out. That braid was tucked in between the cornrows. To better secure it you can use a little weave thread and a curved needle, it will give a better hold. Recommendation: make your cornrows smaller than … [Read more...]

Braided Twisted Updo on Natural Hair

Hey Guys! Today's style is another updo style, a braided twisted updo on natural hair. This style is perfect for all ages! To start this style we stretched Jordyn's hair the previous night by using the banded method. The following products were used: Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie as well as Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Perfect Edges for Jordyn's edges.   First make a middle part (horizontally) from ear to ear. Tie up the top section and start work on the bottom half of the head first. Make a zig zag part going down the middle of the head. Next start at the bottom of the head, near the nape of the neck and make two cornrows going up toward the top middle section of the head.   Now it's time to start work on the front section of hair. First take a small section of hair in the front of the head and bobby pin that away for now. Next take the two cornrow braids you made and criss cross them over each other. Then add them to the … [Read more...]

Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

Hello There! I attempted to make one row of small cornrows and one row of big cornrows, but I obviously can't braid small : / oh well I still think the style came out cute I used sponge rollers on the lower half of the twists to get the curls Fake Smile Alert ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

I did alternating cornrows and flat twists in the front with a zig zag part to make two ponytails :)   … [Read more...]

April Hair Carnival: Copy Cat Style

Hello! Welcome to the April Hair Carnival hosted by Brooke from Untrained Hair Mom, this month's theme is Copy Cat Styles. I was thrilled and scared when I was given Natural Hair Care Info as my copy cat style, D.A. does such amazing styles so I had a hard time choosing one. But I decided on this style: Here is the original style    And here is my verison:   I did a ponytail with 3 3-strand twists instead of the box braids only because I was pressed for time. (And apparently I accidentally deleted the picture) But you can see the ponytail a little in the above picture. Check out these other amazing copy cat styles: carnival linky:   … [Read more...]

Cornrows and ponytails

Here is a new style I did for the diva that lasted us a whole week, woo-hoo!Enjoy! … [Read more...]

2 Criss Cross Cornrows into Ponytails

I came up with this style on a whim and I thought it came out pretty cute!I started on freshly washed, conditioned, detangled, dry stretched hairProducts Used:Giovanni Direct Leave-In ConditionerWaterShea Butter MixIgnore my not so straight parts, you know how I am with those : /Enjoy! … [Read more...]