Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

Picture 166

Hello There! I attempted to make one row of small cornrows and one row of big cornrows, but I obviously can't braid small : / oh well I still think the style came out cute I used sponge rollers on the lower half of the twists to get the curls Fake Smile Alert ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

Picture 126

I did alternating cornrows and flat twists in the front with a zig zag part to make two ponytails :)   … [Read more...]

April Hair Carnival: Copy Cat Style

curly-hair-styles-photos (8)

Hello! Welcome to the April Hair Carnival hosted by Brooke from Untrained Hair Mom, this month's theme is Copy Cat Styles. I was thrilled and scared when I was given Natural Hair Care Info as my copy cat style, D.A. does such amazing styles so I had a hard time choosing one. But I decided on this style: Here is the original style    And here is my verison:   I did a ponytail with 3 3-strand twists instead of the box braids only because I was pressed for time. (And apparently I accidentally deleted the picture) But you can see the ponytail a little in the above picture. Check out these other amazing copy cat styles: carnival linky:   … [Read more...]

Cornrows and ponytails


Here is a new style I did for the diva that lasted us a whole week, woo-hoo!Enjoy! … [Read more...]

2 Criss Cross Cornrows into Ponytails


I came up with this style on a whim and I thought it came out pretty cute!I started on freshly washed, conditioned, detangled, dry stretched hairProducts Used:Giovanni Direct Leave-In ConditionerWaterShea Butter MixIgnore my not so straight parts, you know how I am with those : /Enjoy! … [Read more...]