DIY: 36 Jewelry Organization Ideas

Hello :) Over the years I have built up quite the collection of jewelry and soon I was running out of space to store it all. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a jewelry stand for two reasons. First I am cheap :) (who can relate?) so I just can't justify spending my hard earned moolah on something so simple, and secondly I am a DIY'er at heart and I knew that I could create something fab and stick to my budget. Even if you aren't a DIY'er I have found some simple ideas that anyone could do. So if you are looking for an inexpensive yet creative way to display or store your jewelry, Well look no further, I have a solution for you! Check out these amazingly creative and yet simple jewelry organization ideas below! Let me know if you used one of the ideas! Post a picture or tag me in a picture on social media. I'd love to see what you came up with! Happy DIY'ing!   … [Read more...]

DIY: Bulletin Board

Hey Guys, I am in the process of redecorating Jordyn's room to make it a little more mature. If you remember or would like a refresher on how her old décor looked check it out here! Up first is this easy little DIY project I did to one of my old previous DIY projects. I thought I had a post on this but sadly it looks like I never made one :( Here is a picture of the board (before) I made this a few years ago to hold all of Jordyn's hair bows and hair clips. It is a piece of mdf covered with batting and an old white sheet that I cut and used to make my foundation. Next I cut strips of ribbon (different colors and sizes and hot glued them onto the board. Then I just slid her hair bows onto the ribbon strips. I wanted to reuse this board and breathe new life into it. So I started by cutting off all the strips of ribbon and started with my original base (old white sheet). Next I looked into my craft stash and found these two spools of ribbon. If you don't have any … [Read more...]

DIY: Coffee Pot Terrarium

Creative DIY Project Turns Coffee Pot into Adorable Terrarium I know, you must be thinking how can a coffee pot can turn into a terrarium. Don’t worry! It’s not a mystery.   In this creative DIY project, a simple coffee pot that contributes an incredible lovely morning to millions of people has been repurposed to give a beautiful life to plants. You can transform your spare coffee pot into an adorable terrarium. It will not only give a life to plants but can also be placed on your table as a piece of interior decoration.   The first creator of this creative DIY project of the coffee pot is Enid. The creator said that plants and coffee are linked in her mind since her childhood. In her infancy, her mother and grandmother used to fertilize overgrown devil’s vines, by adding some coffee grounds. This creative DIY coffee pot project was created by Enid to give up a tribute to her grandmother. Enid’s grandmother was a great lover … [Read more...]

DIY: Crochet Hook Holder

Hey Guys! I was in desperate need of a new hook holder for my crochet hooks. So I went about scouring the net to find some patterns. I found this beauty over at Craft Town.      Sooo....I am not that great at reading patterns, I get confused and lost. This pattern was no exception. I started fine but then I couldn't understand what the pattern was telling me to do next. So I did my own thing. I will list my pattern that I came up with but I'll warn you, it's tedious and probably the long way of completing it but it worked for me! Here is what I did: ch 41 Row 1: 40 sc, turn Row 2-35: ch 1, 40 sc, turn It should look like a big square Next, I changed colors and after I attached my cc to the middle of the square on the left side (I eyeballed the middle) 4 sc, ch 1, turn repeat this pattern until the strip is the length of the square, it will look like this Next, you just flip the strip over the square like … [Read more...]

DIY: Make-Up Organizer

Hey Guys! I've recently been stalking the channels of some talented beauty vloggers on YouTube and I've been adding to my make-up stash ever since. Well my stash has grown a little and I was running out of space to store everything. So I decided to make myself an easy make-up organizer.   Here is the finished project :) Let's get started! You'll need the following supplies:   A foam board (Joann's under $5 it was marked 40% off because the other side was damaged. I think paid about $3.49 for it) one square tray (came in a pack of 3 from the Dollar Tree for $1) one rectangular tray (came in a pack of 3 from the Dollar Tree for $1) 4 salt and pepper shakers (pack of two for $1 at the Dollar Tree) 4 packs of pearl appliques (Joann's$1 a pack) one white sparkly felt sheet (Joann's $0.99) 4 black felt sheets (Joann's 4 for $1) 5 sheets of scrapbook paper (Sparkly sky blue) (Joann's $1.99 each) White ribbon (not pictured I had it in … [Read more...]

DIY: Travel Make-Up Brush Holder Bag

Hey Guys,  A couple of months ago Mimi G created this easy tutorial for We All Sew and I thought I would give it a whirl. I was in need of a make-up brush holder that I can take with me when I travel. So I stopped by Joann's and picked up my fabric, I choose a dark chocolate brown and a printed pattern with teals and chocolate brown colors in it to match. Side Note: I did this project in a rush and I am still a newbie at sewing so it's not perfect but I love it and it serves it's function :) It has 12 slots to hold different sized brushes and it rolls and ties up nicely I hope you guys like it! Enjoy :) … [Read more...]

Room Reveal: DIY decorations and room tour

Hey Guys! First let me begin with saying I didn't take any before pictures, boo! I know I suck sorry, but I promise to take some of Jalen's room so you guys can see the before and after. So this post will just be an after post of Jordyn's new room. I was given a ton of stuff by my sister and I didn't have to buy many things (I really lucked up) The colors of her room are black, white/cream, and hot pink as an accent color. Let's get started! Jordyn's old room theme was a garden/bug theme so on the walls we had those removable stickers of bugs and flowers and she has a lavender butterfly comforter set and white sheer curtains with lavender matching butterfly tie backs and curtain rods. When you first walk into her room I set up this little reading area   The hot pink bean bag was from Big Lots (remember when it was called Pic N Save, aww memories) it cost $15 the two Pink Love pillows are from Victoria Secret's I got them from my sister so I didn't pay … [Read more...]

DIY: 3 Tiered Jewelry Stand

Hey Guys, I am back with another fun and easy DIY post inspired by LaurDIY   All materials came from the Dollar Tree and I used the following:   Three different sized metal plates and two glass candlestick holders Total cost $5 plus tax :) I used this glue to hold everything together   It bonds metal and glass and I got it from Wal Mart for a cost of $2.47 You could also do two tiers if you like   My co workers said these would make great cupcake or cookie stands for parties! I made two of them and used them to hold and display all my earrings, rings, watches and bracelets. Here is my vanity before And also into that red heart shaped box. I never wore any of it because it was all tangled and too hard to get to it. This is after Everything is easily accessible now and it looks pretty :) So there you have it guys, easy, inexpensive and very chic looking :) I hope this helps … [Read more...]

DIY Make-Up Brush Holder

Hey Guys, I was browsing vid's on YouTube  and came across this video by LaurDIY I thought it was such a cool idea I decided to create one too! I went to my local Dollar Tree and pick up two  glass jars/vases and two different sized tea light candle holders. Total cost $4 Next I hot glued the jars/vases onto the tops of the tea light candles and then added some earth toned colored rocks I already had. The Dollar sells rocks too if you don't have any on hand. Then I stuck my brushes in and viola! All done and purdy :) What do you guys think? I think these would make great Christmas or birthday gifts! Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

DIY Easy Sew Clutch Purse Project

Hey guys! So I bought myself a Singer Sewing Machine last summer in the hopes of learning how to sew clothes for my kids and occasionally myself. I made a pretty cool summer dress for Jordyn, (I'll make a post on that later) and then I came across a really cool DIY easy sew clutch project/tutorial that was posted on Mimi G's website.  Unfortunately the tutorial is no longer posted, as it was a limited time only posting, so I can't share a link with you but I did want to show off my finished result What I learned from this project: Disclaimer: This is my second ever sewing project I've done. The corner to the left in the picture where the zipper is, it's kinda stuff inside meaning I sewed up to high and I need to correct it and pick up the seams cause it's bugging me. Also I used a suede-like material for my corners in red the tutorial used felt but I wanted something a little more fancy :) By doing this I learned that suede-like material frays :( So if I use this … [Read more...]