DIY: Dresser Transformation

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is a DIY dresser transformation. So this dresser was an unexpected find, I was driving through a residential neighborhood and saw this dresser sitting on the curb with a for sale sign. I scored this dresser for $30 which was a great deal considering it is solid wood. Originally it was a light colored unstained wood but it had some sticker residue and crayon marks on it. So I stained it this dark color you see in the picture and added new knobs. This was years ago so this dresser has been through a lot, one cross country move and one local move.


So it was time for a fresh new look, first I started by cleaning the dresser off with just a damp rag and then dried it off with a dry rag. I removed the knobs and drawers and used my sander with an 80 grit sandpaper to remove the old stain.


After sanding, I wiped the excessive saw dust off with a dry rag and went back through it with my sander again this time using 100 grit sandpaper just to smooth is down some and remove any remaining stain I missed the first go around. Once that was done, I again wiped off the excessive saw dust and now it was time to paint!

dresser drawers


dresser drawers

I used my Valspar paint I picked up at Lowe’s from the As Is cart for $5. The color is a dark gray.

Valspar Paint

I used the can on the left.

I painted two coats using a foam roller and I waited a full 24 hours in between coats. Next I used some Minwax Polycrylic to seal my paint.

Minwax Polycrylic

I followed the instructions on the can and used a Wooster Brush to apply the polycrylic.

Wooster Brush

Finally it was time to add my knobs, I bought these crystal glass knobs on Amazon, they came in a pack of 10 and cost $8.85

Crystal Glass knobs

Crystal Glass Knobs

Time to put it altogether, I put the drawers back in place and this project was finally complete!


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