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I am back with another DIY project. This time I created a DIY Starburst Mirror, this is an easy and inexpensive diy project. It looks gorgeous and expensive and it only cost me under $15 to make!

Starburst MirrorMaterials Used:

Charger Plate – Dollar Tree Cost: $1

Round Mirror – Michael’s Cost: $2.99

Dowels 2 packs- Wal Mart Cost: $0.97 each

Glue Gun (had already on hand)

Glue Sticks (had already on hand) but you can get a pack from the Dollar Tree for $1

Darice Bling on a Roll – Wal Mart $2.97 (I already had this on hand)

Mini Mirrors – Michael’s Cost $1.99 for a pack of 25

Valspar Primer Spay Paint – The Home Depot Cost $3.98 (I already had this on hand)

Circular Wood – Michael’s Cost: $1.97

Saw Hooks – The Home Depot Cost $3.98 for a pack of 2

Total I paid (minus items I had on hand) $13.87



First take your charger plate and something with a small circular shape that you can trace on the back of the charger plate.

Find the center of the plate and trace your circle

Find the center of the plate and trace your circle


You should end up with this


Next position your first layers of dowels around the circle you just made and hot glue them or use E6000 Glue to secure them in place. Then for your second layer of dowels position them on the outer edge of the plate. This way the dowel sticks will be layered and look like different lengths.


Once you are done it should look like this


Next take your piece outside once its completely dry and spray paint it the color of your choice. I spray painted the front and the back to ensure all sides of the dowels were covered.



Now take one of your saw hooks and hammer it lightly into the circular wood piece.

This is how you hang your piece on the wall

This is how you hang your piece on the wall

Take your E6000 Glue and spread a generous amount to the back side (opposite side of where you placed your saw hook) of your wood piece and attach it to back of your charger plate to cover up the dowels.


Now you are ready to place your mirror. Spread a generous amount of E6000 Glue to the backside of the mirror and place it on the front of your charger plate. Make sure you follow the instructions for drying times. DO NOT use hot glue, it will not hold, the mirror will fall off.

Let’s decorate the front of our mirror with the bling on a roll. You can just hot glue this down in place all around the mirror. The last step is to decide where you want to place your small round mirrors around the dowel sticks. Hot glue them in place.

Starburst Mirror

All done, isn’t she a beauty?!?

Just clean off your big mirror and your small mini mirrors with some glass cleaner and you are ready to hang your masterpiece on the wall for all to see.




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