Flat Twisted Mohawk with Curls

So I was feeling a little creative (well I think it's creative, don't judge me!)So I did a flat twisted mohawk on the diva with two strand twists that I curled with our sponge rollers.The front "bang" section I did individual two strand twistsThe Before Shot:Excuse the blurThe After:What do you think? … [Read more...]

Back To School Hair Style: 6 looks in 1

So I started with four ponytails going vertical down the middle of the diva heads and then added a few cornrows to each ponytail for a little pizazz :) The first look was just braided ponytails The next day we did look 2 a braid out Then for our day 3 look we made buns! I had to make the buns kinda tight because I needed to make it last all day at school For our fourth look I did 3 strand twists For our fifth look we did a twist out For our final look I alternated between doing buns and 3 strand twists on each of the four ponytails We got a good week out of this style which is great! Jordyn loved it! What will your child's back to school style be? Enjoy! Check out all of these other great back to school styles … [Read more...]