DIY | Wooden Sphere

Hey guys!

I was browsing the net looking for some inspiration for some kind of decorative piece to put on Justin’s night stand. He didn’t want anything girly like this cute little flower piece I made for my night stand.

Flower Vase

All materials came from the Dollar Tree. Total cost was $6.

I found this blog post on how to make a DIY wooden sphere. I followed the tutorial pretty closely, I just didn’t add the tacks. So I started off by purchasing two 6 inch embroidery hoops from Michael’s.

DIY wooden sphere

First unscrew the latch at the bottom and separate the hoops.

DIY wooden sphereNext stain all the hoops using a foam brush to apply it and then a cloth to wipe any excess stain away.

Let dry for 24 hours before assembling.

DIY wooden sphere

Once dry just insert the inner hoops (with no screw parts) into the open (screw parts) hoops and adjust, once the hoops are set screw the two open hoops closed.

DIY wooden sphere

Start with two hoops

Then add another hoop

DIY wooden sphere

Then another 🙂

DIY wooden sphere

Done, all four hoops are in place. I ended up adding a bit more stain to darken it up.

Here it is in it’s final resting place.

DIY wooden sphere DIY wooden sphereJust hide the screw parts towards the back.

What do you guys think?

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DIY | Updating a decorative piece

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is going to show you how I take an ordinary purchased decorative piece and update it to fit the theme of my bedroom.

Let’s get started! I started out with this piece I purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. It was on clearance for $3.99.

updating a decorative pieceThis was a great find and it is pretty as is, however it doesn’t match the theme or colors in my room. So to fix that I started by spray painting it a satin ivory.

updating a decorative pieceAfter spraying paint two light coats I wanted to jazz it up a bit more and add a different color. So I looked in my stash of paints and found these two colors which I mixed together.

acrylic paintsAfter mixing the colors together I ended up with a muted brown-y beige-y color.

mixed acrylic paintsI used a small paint brush and painted a couple of the rings around the base of the piece along with the flowers. Here is how it turned out.

updating a decorative piece updating a decorative pieceThe color was still a little too orange-y for me so I went back over it with just the Vintage White acrylic paint with my paint brush and softened the color a bit.

Here is the finished product.

updating a decorative piece

Much better!

updating a decorative piece

Here is the piece in my room.

updating a decorative piece

I hope I’ve inspired you guys to look beyond what you see in the store and tap into your creative side to truly make a piece your own.

Thanks for reading!

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DIY | Mini Earring Holder


Hey Guys!

Today’s post is similar to my Earring Holder post but on a smaller scale, in case you have limited space. Behold the mini earring holder.

Mini Earring HolderSo to start I picked up this photo frame from Ikea for $1.99.

Ikea Photo FrameIkea Photo FrameNext I removed the inserts of the frame and then spray painted it a light gray.

Ikea Photo FrameOnce it was dry, I measured the inside and cut out a mesh grid I bought from Michael’s for $0.79.

Mesh thingy

Time to put it all together

In you go!

All done!

Mini Earring Holder

Now it’s time to fill up my holder with my earrings.

Mini Earring HolderTotal cost for this quick project is $3!



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DIY | Dresser Makeover

Hey Guys!

I am back with another DIY project, I am still working on my master bedroom redo and I finally just completed my dresser makeover.

Here is the before and after:

Dresser Makeover

So let’s start with how the dresser looked before I started. This is what I was working with.

Dresser MakeoverNot bad but didn’t fit the décor I am going for in my room. So let’s get to work! I started by sanding the dresser 3 times with 3 different grits. First was with 80, then 120 and finally 220.

Here is how the dresser looked after I finished all my sanding.

Dresser MakeoverDresser Makeover

After my sanding was done, I wiped down everything with a tack cloth. Now I was ready for paint. I used this Valspar Signature interior paint I scored at Lowe’s on the As Is cart for $5.00. This paint normally retailed for $43.00. The color is a dark matte gray.

I applied two coats with a sponge brush and then I let the paint cure on its own for 2 weeks before moving it into my room.

I also switched out the big wooden knobs that came with the dresser to these smaller metal ones. However I spray painted them to match the rest of my room this light gray color. I used the Valspar Project Perfect Primer in gray.

Dresser Makeover

Before the spray paint (left) after the spray paint (right)

Here is the spray paint I used, I purchased this at Home Depot.

Valspar Project Perfect

Just when life was going good and I was just about to wrap up my project by screwing my new knobs on I discovered that the screws that came with the knobs were too long. My hubby had to run out to Lowe’s to buy the same size screws just a smidge shorter.

Dresser Makeover

(left) my new screws, (right) too long screws 🙁

Finally after that little set back I was done!!!

Here she is in all her glory, sitting pretty in my room! I love it, the color is fantastic and it looks like a new dresser!

What do you guys think?

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Home Decor | Crocheted Pillow Cover

Hey Guys,

Today’s post is on this awesome Crocheted Pillow Cover that I found online for free from LeeLee Knits. I was searching for a cool design to crochet over a cheap throw pillow that I bought off of Craigslist for $1. I was a little intimidated by the design at first and wondered if I could pull it off. I am by no means an expert in crocheting and sometimes I start patterns and realize, sometimes quickly and sometimes half way through that I just can’t do it!

But I thought I’d give it a shot and try it out. To my surprise the pattern was super easy to follow and I didn’t mess up once! Score!

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Nice and loose!

I followed the instructions to a T and thankfully started out my chain with a loose stitch. Sometimes I find myself crocheting too tightly.

Here are the colors and brand of yarn I used for this project, as well as my crochet needle.

I chose these colors because they match the theme of my bedroom and I chose this brand because well, it was cheap at Joann’s.

Crocheted Pillow CoverSo I crocheted two complete sides and I did about 8 rows of the light brown/tan color and the rest with the cream color. I just measured my pillow that I was covering and knew that since the yarn stretched that I needed to crochet it a bit smaller (just a tad) than the actual pillow.

This took me FOREVER guys! Like seriously, forever! I did take breaks, but in all it probably took me a couple of weeks to finish, probably because I’m lazy, but never mind that.

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Just a a smidge smaller 🙂

Then I just sewed my pillow cover together on three sides and then stuffed my leopard print ugliness (no offense to any leopard print lovers out there) inside. Then I stitched up the opening and viola all done!

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Isn’t she purdy?

Now you’re probably wondering, how the heck can you wash it if you sewed it all up!? Well my friends, the top stitch is just done with yarn and I can easily unweave it and slip the pillow out and throw it in the wash when I need to. Mic drop.

That’s it for this post guys, until next time!


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