Knot Genie Magic Hair Band Review & Giveaway!!

Hey Guys! Disclaimer: I was sent this knot genie magic hair band for the purpose of this review, however as always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.   I was recently sent a Magic Hair Band from Knot Genie. The hair band is designed to fit your individual ponytail size. The band makes your ponytail fit nice and snug but not too tight like most hair bands tend to do. With the adjustable pull ties you are able to control how tight or how loose the hair band will fit. We have textured curly hair in my household and this hair band worked perfectly for us in securing ponytails and half up and half down styles. I personally wouldn't use it to do active or high intensity work outs as it doesn't seem to stay tight enough to me. It comes in 7 different styles in various colors to choose from! These hair bands definitely add a little pizazz to your hair! Would you like to try out the Knot Genie Magic Hair Band for yourself or loved one! Then enter the … [Read more...]

Purex Fabric Softener Sheets: Review & Giveaway, Ends 08/17

 **I am a purex insider and I received a free box of Purex dryer sheets for the purpose of this review, however as always all thoughts and opinions remain my own**  Hey Guys, Purex has improved there dryer sheets and now they are even better than ever. The Purex Fabric Softner Sheets now have 3x the fragrance, ang great static cling reduction, also a smaller box at a more affordable price point!  The sheets just don't reduce static cling (which they do amazingly well btw) they also leave your laundry smelling incredibly fresh and soft to the touch. Don't limit yourself to just using them in your laundry be creative and use them all through out your house! I decided to use mine in my sock and undies drawer.  Now every time I open it grab something I am overwhelmed with a great fresh clean smell! The sheets are available in two scents, Mountain Breeze and Sweet Lavender and you can find them at your local Wal Mart. Would you like to try them out for … [Read more...]

Quick Heatless Curls on Natural Hair

Hey Guys, We were headed to my aunt's house for a BBQ on the 4th of July and I needed a quick style for Jordyn's hair. The night before I put her hair in one ponytail and then whipped out my magic leverage curlers (knock off curl formers) that I purchased on Ebay. I decided to put them in her bangs too just see how it would come out.   I used a water from a spray bottle and a little shea butter mix and Eco Styler gel for this style.   she slept over time with a bonnet on and these are the results we got.     We just separated the curls and were on our way, and that's how we achieve our heat-less curls on natural hair. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Style Inspiration: Naturally Curious Elegant Criss Cross Chignon

Hey Guys, I came across this gorgeous style done by Naturally Curious on youtube, she called it an Elegant Criss Cross Chignon (Low Bun on "Natural Hair") I was instantly in love and in awe, I though to myself I am so going to try this on my hair. It just so happened that me and hubby were going to the R. Kelly and New Edition concert that night at the Staples Center in L.A. for the BET Live weekend and my hair was already flat ironed. Here is my attempt, it actually looks nothing like hers, boo! :( but I still liked it and it definitely added interest to my otherwise boring ponytail   I parted the front part of my hair from ear to ear and made a total of three rolling twists on each side of my head (near my hairline and/or ears) I criss crossed the twists in the back of my head under my ponytail.   Then I added a little extra hair from the bottom of my ponytail to wrap around the ponytail.     I am going to try this … [Read more...]

Flat Twisted Side Ponytail Updo

Hey Guys, After washing and deep conditioning Jordyn's hair I decided to wing it and came up with this flat twisted side ponytail updo.   I used Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and Wisely Made MaxiMoisture Hair Pomade     This style took about 30 mins. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

2 Inside Out Ponytails: Quick and easy School Hair Style

 Hey Guys! We are here with a fun twist on two boring old ponytails: 2 Inside out ponytails! I first started with Jordyn's hair parted horizontally from ear to ear I made two ponytails, one on top, one on bottom Then I decided to jazz them up a bit and loosened the ponytail holder around the ponytail and made a hole in the middle of her hair and flipped the ponytail through inside out. You can achieve this same look using a topsy tail tool. Next I made two (two strand) twists with the loose hair in the top ponytail and connected it to my bottom ponytail For the loose hair in the bottom ponytail I made three (two strand) twists.   And that's it a quick and easy school hair style! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Flat Twist Design On Natural Hair

  Hey Guys! Today's post is a quick and simple flat twist design on natural hair that I did on Jordyn. So let's get started: Part the hair hortizonally from ear to ear Take the first top section and do your flat twists, I did about 8-9 I didn't use any rubber bands to hold the twists, I just twisted all the way down. Once I finished each individual twist I gathered all the flat twist and split them into two section to make one big two strand twist to the left side of her head and rolled and bobby pinned the loose twists into a bun. For the back section of hair Imade two ponytails with two strand twists.     That's it guys! Quick and easy and cute! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Hair Thearpy Wrap Thermal Turban Heat Wrap: Review

Hey Guys! It's review time! A while back I received an email with a discount code I believe it was either 20% or 25% off with free shipping to Curl Mart. So I went to their site and browsed around and then this caught my eye. Hair Thearpy Wrap Thermal Turban Heat Wrap Retail Price: $21.95 The Claim: The Hair Therapy Wrap applies gentle heat for up to 30 minutes, encouraging conditioner to penetrate the hair follicles. It helps activate treatments, hot oils, or re-constructors and can also help to control a dry, flaky scalp. You can use the Hair Therapy Wrap while bathing, relaxing, or around the house. My Thoughts: I love it! Once I inserted the gel packs, I popped the entire wrap in the microwave for about 45 seconds, let it stand for a few seconds and then reheated it for an additional 30 seconds. I've used it several times on Jordyn, while her deep conditioner is in and she has a plastic cap on I put this heat cap on and let her watch TV or dance around … [Read more...]

Blended Beauty: Review & Giveaway, Ends 12/08

Hey Guys! Jalen recently decided to grow his hair again and have his curls, at first I thought oh cool, I love his curls! Then I though man now he is going to be using up my hair products again lol. But luck must have been on my side because shortly after I was contacted by Blended Beauty to do a review of two of their products. Stacey is so wonderful to work with she picked up two awesome products that I love. If you'll recall I did a review on two other products from Blended Beauty that worked great! This time around I was sent Curly Frizz Pudding   From the website: A soft hold moisturizing gel lotion that defines and conditions curls, while nourishing the scalp and hair. Smooth and define each curl with natural conditioners. Absolutely no plastics! Only silky and bouncy curls...naturally! Curly Frizz Pudding has twice as much hold as the styling lotions and butters. Ingredients: Aloe and Chamomile Water, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Rice … [Read more...]

Twist Out Ponytails with Zig Zag Parts

Hello :) Here is a cute and simple style I did for Jordyn, I started with a zig zag part and made two ponytails and then twisted small sections of hair to make about 5-6 twists in each ponytail. The next day I took the twists out and fluffed Our pretty yellow bows came from Pretties Please Enjoy! … [Read more...]