Lightlife: Smart Dogs Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Lightlife has been dedicated to making great tasting vegetarian food since 1979. They consider their products "Meat without the Middleman". They have grown over time by sticking to their roots and making all of their products with quality and care. They also really care about their community and the planet, since the very beginning they have contributed 5% of their annual profits to organizations that support a healthier you and a healthier planet.   The Smart Dogs are America's #1 meatless hot dog. They are plant-based and grill-ready. Smart Dogs are Non-GMO Project Verified and certified vegan, they contain 7 grams of protein and only 50 calories per link. The Jumbo Smart Dogs contain 13 grams of protein and only 100 calories per link. One package retails for $2.99-$3.99. Click here to find a store near you where you can purchase your own package of Lightlife Smart Dogs. Check out this yummy recipe using Smart Dogs Created by:  Cindi Avila Lightlife … [Read more...]

Home Fries: Homemade for breakfast

Hey Guys!   Last night I was thinking of what I could make for breakfast and I realized that I had a bag of potatoes in my pantry that were being neglected. So I decided to make some home fries with them. The perfect addition to any breakfast. To start you will need potatoes, I happen to have three russet potatoes Next rinse and peel them and then cut them into small cubes that look like this: While cutting the potatoes start a pot of boiling water, so it would be ready for the potatoes once you are done chopping.  Drop the cut potatoes into the pot of water and let them cook for 4 minutes. You don't want to cook the potatoes all the way through, you just want them to be half way cooked. While the potatoes were boiling I started a skillet with canola oil on medium to high heat. After the 4 minutes are up, drain the potatoes then dry them in a paper towel a bit, just to soak up the excess water. You don't want the potatoes to be soaking wet when you put them in … [Read more...]

BBQ Baked Chicken

Hello There :) On tonight's menu is BBQ Baked Chicken yum yum I started off with marinating my boneless skinless chicken breast overnight then I slathered on my BBQ sauce  Here are my chicken breasts right before they went into the oven on 350 degress for about 30 min  And here are my final results  Nice and juicy and quick and simple to make, you can pair it with your favorite sides :) Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Food Inspiration | Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Liza from Shopping for Savings shared a delicious meal using roasted sweet potatoes cut into cute little shapes. She even had her little one Baby C help her out!  Don't they look yummy? All she used to create this was 1 medium sweet potatoe, 2T of Olive Oil and various cookie cutters. For the full directions click here. I will definitely be trying this recipe out for my little ones :)   … [Read more...]