Taking The Stage: Bunny

Hello Lovelies and welcome to another addition of Taking The Stage! Today we have Dominique-Alexis who takes amazingly great care of and creates some of the most creative and intricate styles for her ten year old sister Bunny! Tell us a little about yourself and your little one: Bunny is my ten year old little sister and I’ve been taking care of her hair for a couple years now. What started out as a way to help my mom out quickly turned into a passion of mine! I style her hair, my hair, and all of my cousins when they come to visit! I’m teaching her which products to use, how to style her hair, how to wash it, and all the need to know stuff for taking care of natural hair. We hope to open our own hair salon together for people with natural, curly, and biracial hair one day! (How awesome is that?!?!? The diva and I will definitely be customers :)   What is your current hair care daily/weekly/monthly/yearly routine? I’ve been a bit of a styling rut … [Read more...]

Taking The Stage Featuring Untrained Hair Mom

Hiya! We haven't had a Taking The Stage feature in forever but today you are in luck. We have a good blogging friend of mine Brooke From Untrained Hair MomHello, Diva Locks’ readers! My name is Brooke, I am from Untrained Hair Mom and I am known for having some wild and crazy hair! I want to thank Diva Locks for featuring me on their Taking the Stage segment!What is your current hair care daily/weekly/monthly/yearly routine? I wash my hair every 2-3 days, I do use a sulfate shampoo most of the time. When I use a natural shampoo I must wash my hair daily to keep it from looking oily. I condition each time I wash and use a Black Tea Spritz for shine and moisture. I typically let my hair air dry, but occasionally I blow try it. I also flat iron it every so often, but most of the time I just wear it as is.What are your staple products? I use Herbal Essence Body Envy shampoo and Herbal Essence Hydrate Me conditioner, if I am going to blow dry my hair I will add a little HE Body … [Read more...]

Taking the Stage

Featured today we have Carol and her adorable daughter from Boys and Girls Natural Curls. Check out Carol's styling skills routine on her little one!What is your current hair care daily/weekly/monthly/yearly routine? We usually wash on Saturdays but it really depends on what I've been doing with her hair and what events we have coming up after I wash I deep condition then detangle and moisturize after moisturizing I usually do a couple big braids or twists till her hair dries. What are your staple products? Herbal essence Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and Pure Coconut OilFavorite hair style? I'd have to say three cornrow's with a braid out and custom flower clip =) She loved itWorst hair mishap? I would have to say using products that didn't work and dried her hair outAny advice you would like to offer our readers? Listen to your child's hair while trying new products use what her hair likesAnything else you would like to add? Thanks for … [Read more...]

Taking The Stage

Welcome to our first ever edition of Taking The Stage, this is your platform as the reader to participate in Diva Locks and showcase some of your hair skills, your hair routine and any tips, tricks, and/or stories.Today we have a good blogger friend of mine Kandy from Kandyland Kurls sharing and showcasing with her beautiful daughter N.What is your current hair care daily/weekly/monthly/yearly routine?I wash N's hair once a week, every weekend, and I deep condition her hair every other wash, I use a rinse out conditioner also. I give N a hot oil treatment or I should say, "warm oil treatment," and egg protein treatment, once every month. This is to make sure she has a good balance between oil and protein.  Bedtime Care- I try to make sure her hair is in some form of braids or twists, which helps to prevent knotting in the morning (she is a wild sleeper) I also try my best to put a satin scarf on her head (it tends to come off at night & I'm forgetful sometimes) but I … [Read more...]