Flat Twisted Side Ponytail Updo

Hey Guys, After washing and deep conditioning Jordyn's hair I decided to wing it and came up with this flat twisted side ponytail updo.   I used Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and Wisely Made MaxiMoisture Hair Pomade     This style took about 30 mins. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

2 Inside Out Ponytails: Quick and easy School Hair Style

 Hey Guys! We are here with a fun twist on two boring old ponytails: 2 Inside out ponytails! I first started with Jordyn's hair parted horizontally from ear to ear I made two ponytails, one on top, one on bottom Then I decided to jazz them up a bit and loosened the ponytail holder around the ponytail and made a hole in the middle of her hair and flipped the ponytail through inside out. You can achieve this same look using a topsy tail tool. Next I made two (two strand) twists with the loose hair in the top ponytail and connected it to my bottom ponytail For the loose hair in the bottom ponytail I made three (two strand) twists.   And that's it a quick and easy school hair style! Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

Hello There! We are back with another hairstyle for you guys, this is the side cornrows & curly twists. I attempted to make one row of small cornrows and one row of big cornrows, but I obviously can't braid small : / oh well I still think the style came out cute I used sponge rollers on the lower half of the twists to get the curls Fake Smile Alert ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Side Swept Flat Twists

Hello :) This style is pretty self explanatory with the pics, enjoy :) I used black rubber bands to secure each twist and I used Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brule for styling   … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Hair Style: Hair Carnival

Okay, okay so I said I wasn't going to do a Valentine's Day hair style post because I was over the hearts thing but I always planned on doing on for Jordyn to go to school with, well here I am doing the post : / Don't judge me! Maybe next time I'll keep my big mouth shut. So at first I tried to recreate this style I saw on Goldilocks N Me's Facebook page but I wanted to do a double heart  I didn't particularly care for the way it turned out and I used a million bobby pins which I knew Jordyn wouldn't like later in the day. So I changed the heart to this Less bobby pin useage and I like it! Here is the rest of the head    Now go on and check out these other amazingly creative styles! … [Read more...]

Inspired Style ~ NikkiiDior

When NikkiDior posted this new protective style on her youtube channel I knew I wanted to try it out! I don't have that awesome clip that she has so I used a comb that looks like this except in black and a few bobby pins to hold everything in place. Here's my version: Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Twist Out & Flat Twist Design

Style: Twist Out & Flat Twist Design I started this style on freshly washed and conditioned hair using a hair pomade for styling, all of the products I used were by Wisely Made I then put my hair in a bun and let it dry about 75% Then I parted out a section of hair and did 6 flat twists on the right side of my head Then I made a bunch of individual twist I didn't count them, I left them in for about 4 hours and took them out for this look                   Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Flat Twisted Mohawk with Curls

So I was feeling a little creative (well I think it's creative, don't judge me!)So I did a flat twisted mohawk on the diva with two strand twists that I curled with our sponge rollers.The front "bang" section I did individual two strand twistsThe Before Shot:Excuse the blurThe After:What do you think? … [Read more...]

Twists & Flat Twists

So I was bored and decided to flat twist Jordyn's hair and then just do individual twists in the back :) Products Used: Water (Spray Bottle) Shea Butter Creme Mix         Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Two Ponytails and Flat Twists

I did a flat twist design on the top half of the head and two ponytails with a twist out in each ponytail :) Enjoy! … [Read more...]