2 Inside Out Ponytails: Quick and easy School Hair Style

 Hey Guys!

We are here with a fun twist on two boring old ponytails: 2 Inside out ponytails!

  • I first started with Jordyn’s hair parted horizontally from ear to ear
  • I made two ponytails, one on top, one on bottom
  • Then I decided to jazz them up a bit and loosened the ponytail holder around the ponytail and made a hole in the middle of her hair and flipped the ponytail through inside out. You can achieve this same look using a topsy tail tool.
  • Next I made two (two strand) twists with the loose hair in the top ponytail and connected it to my bottom ponytail
  • For the loose hair in the bottom ponytail I made three (two strand) twists.


SAM_3776 SAM_3777 SAM_3778

And that’s it a quick and easy school hair style!


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2 Responses to 2 Inside Out Ponytails: Quick and easy School Hair Style

  1. Brooke says:

    This is super cute and creative!

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