About Us


Thank you for stopping by. Diva Locks was created in 2010, it started off strictly as a natural hair blog focused on my daughter, Jordyn. Over time I decided to document my own hair journey. Then later I decided to open the blog up to other topics including: fashion, beauty, DIY, crafts and family. Welcome to our little piece of the world, we hope that you enjoy yourself and hopefully learn something new!

I am a 37 year old mother of two teenagers. My son Jalen is 16 and my daughter Jordyn is 14. I work full time outside of the home, by day I am a banking specialist and by night a full time mom and blogger :). I was born and raised in Sunny Southern California and now reside in the DMV area. In my spare time (what little of that I do get) I enjoy reading, crocheting, sewing, DIY projects and finding a great deal!

Tiffany Janel

Here is my muse, she is a former dancer trained in Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. She also loves Track & Field and volleyball. She is very creative and loves writing, drawing and painting.