About Us


Thank you for stopping by. Diva Locks was created in 2010, it started off strictly as a natural hair blog focused on my daughter, Jordyn. Over time I decided to document my own hair journey. Then later I decided to open the blog up to other topics including fashion, beauty, DIY, crafts, and family. Welcome to our little piece of the world, we hope that you enjoy yourself and hopefully learn something new!

I am a 39-year-old mother of two teenagers. My son Jalen is 19 and my daughter Jordyn is 17. I work full time outside of the home, by day I am a banking specialist, and by night a full-time mom and blogger :). I was born and raised in Sunny Southern California and now reside in the DMV area. In my spare time (what little of that I do get) I enjoy reading, crafts, DIY projects, and finding a great deal!

Tiffany Janel

Here is my muse, she is a dancer trained in Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. She also loves volleyball. She is very creative and loves writing, drawing, and painting.