All The Reasons Why I am A Crappy Mom #crappymom

As I was catching up on all of my fave blogs I came across two very interesting and honest posts by Melissa and Tiffany from Home Grown Families. They were both equally thought provoking and entertaining might I add so I thought to myself am I am crappy mom? I sure am!

And here are all the reasons I am:

  • I am not my kid’s friend, I am their mother
  • My husband and I are both strict disciplinarians (it’s okay to feel sorry for our kids, our friends do : / )
  • When I cook dinner if they don’t like it, there is no alternative or other options they go to bed hungry
  • With that being said I don’t cook dinner nearly often enough so on days that I don’t cook they fend for themselves ie: sandwiches, frozen foods, quesadillas, etc) and I don’t feel guilty one bit
  • I swear in front of my kids and sometimes at them. I know it’s horrible and I am trying to work on that, my mother cringes every time she hears it, my dad doesn’t blink an eye probably because when I was growing up my mom didn’t swear in front of us and my dad cursed like a sailor.
  • They are only allowed one small cup of juice a day (8oz), every other drink is water
  • They aren’t allowed to drink soda, in my presence anyway I am sure they’ve snuck and had some with friends or family
  • I am a realistic parent I know my kids aren’t great at everything they do, if they suck I tell them (in a nice way of course I don’t want to break their little spirits)
  • I absolutely dread when they want to have sleep overs, I hate it! In fact I put them off for as long as I possibly can by coming up with excuses. I have no patience for loud, rude, talkative, non-listening or bad kids and most time 85% of their friends or cousins might fall into one of those categories.
  • I’ve already taught them about homosexuality, intercourse, drugs, smoking, drinking etc and they are 8 and 10 although these talks started when they each turned about 6-7 (this is an ongoing learning lesson we will continue)
  • With that being said I promote, teach and encourage abstinence until marriage but once again I am realistic. Heck, I’d be happy if they made it out of high school as virgins.
  • Step 1: They know never to hit anyone first, always try to defuse the situation with words, if that doesn’t work and if someone hits them refer to step 2. Step 2: They will hit you back as hard as they possibly can. If that’s problem at school the school can deal with me, my kids will stand up for themselves and defend themselves no matter what!
  • Self expression is moderated and I do consider myself pretty liberal in this area, however if they look lame, I’ll tell them and then make them change. Although there are the rare times when I don’t feel like dealing with a ‘tude that I let them go out of the house looking crazy ie: my daughter thinks matching clothes means everything has to be the same color. Say pink for example she’ll wear pink from head to toe in about 5 different shades and thinks she looks great while I think she looks like a bottle of pepto.
  • Money or things are not given, they are earned through recycling cans and bottles and completing chores to my standards (pretty big shoes to fill) so unless you’ve earned the money/toy or what have you and it isn’t Christmas, your birthday, or an out of this world report card you don’t get anything from me besides necessities such as clothes and shoes. So with that being said, my kids have an excellent concept of money and how to earn it and spend it and save it because it doesn’t come as nearly often as they’d like I’m sure 🙂

So that’s it folks, all the reasons I am a crappy mom, but I will say that I do have some pretty respectful, caring, well-adjusted kids so I must be doing something right 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts, are you a crappy mom too?

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8 Responses to All The Reasons Why I am A Crappy Mom #crappymom

  1. I’m with you on all of those except the sex talk because mine are 3 and 5. No shame at all because I have really good kids. 🙂

  2. marina says:

    Uhm…I think you are a sane Mom. Love that your discipline them and have a reign on the sodas ,candy et al! You are a great Mom!

  3. Brooke says:

    Great post. I am guilty of being a crappy mom, too, then lol.

  4. I love these posts! I think they are real and truthful 🙂 I like that!

  5. I guess we’re all crappy moms… my husband’s and my favorite line to explain the world to our children is “this house is not a democracy – you don’t get a vote unless you pay rent”

  6. Ja says:

    Well….I’m not nearly as crappy of a mom as you are. But I have aspirations to be at your level!!!!!!

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