Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

To start the style, make a horizontal part from ear to ear. For the top half of the head part the sections of hair in whichever way you would like the design to look and make small to medium size flat twists. For a secure and snug look and feel you can add small black rubber bands on each flat twist to hold them in place.

Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

For the back section of hair make a zig zag part going down vertically to create two sections of hair. Gather each section of hair into a ponytail and add the remaining hair left over from the flat twists you made on the top section of hair. Now you can add 2-3 small braids in each ponytail.

A cute and simple hairstyle that should last for a few days up to a week.



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5 Responses to Braided & Flat Twist Ponytails

  1. Love the style! Cute!

  2. Michelle G says:

    Diva’s hair is growing. This style is cute.

  3. katherine G says:

    This is so cute!!

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