Castle Park: Southern California Family Fun! #CastleParkSummer #BuccaneerCoveFun

castle parkHey Guys!

Summer is here, the kids are out of school and if they’re anything like mine they are probably begging you to take them somewhere every weekend? No? That’s just my kids? Ah well 🙂 As parents we want to make our kiddos happy but we also want to keep our wallets happy too.

Castle Park is just the place if you are local to Southeren California or plan on coming for a visit. This is a place for the whole family that is definitely budget friendly.

They have sooo many different attraction to choose from such as thrilling rides

roller coasterOr mini golf

mini golfand for summer time fun they even have a water park called Buccaneer Cove

bucaneer cove

And because I love all my awesome readers if you use this code blog2014 here in the top right hand corner where it says “Promo Code” you can enjoy unlimited rides, mini-golf, and admission into Buccaneer Cove for only $12.99 per person, the normal price is $19.99. How cool is that?



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