Crocheted Leg Warmers

So my darling little ballerina was in need of a pair of leg warmers to wear during ballet class.

I found this adorable pattern and modified it to fit Jordyn

crocheted leg warmers
crocheted leg warmers

I sewed the black little bows on each side just to add a little spice 🙂


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8 Responses to Crocheted Leg Warmers

  1. Once Upon a Curl says:

    so cute i love how her feet are in first position :O)

  2. Diva Locks says:

    I know right?!? Thanks!

  3. IntermittentBabbling HairThoughts says:

    I MUST have those for Baby O!!!

  4. Shay says:

    i love it! they're too cute

  5. Diva Locks says:

    Thanks Shay 🙂
    @Nikki sure 🙂

  6. Roxy says:

    Love them!! Reminds me of the trend when I lived in Korea… these were really popular esp in the winter time. They were called "toshies."

  7. Diva Locks says:

    Thanks Roxy! That's cool I love learning new things 🙂

  8. Tracey-BBH says:

    these are the

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