DIY: Coffee Pot Terrarium

Creative DIY Project Turns Coffee Pot into Adorable Terrarium

coffee pot

I know, you must be thinking how can a coffee pot can turn into a terrarium.

Don’t worry! It’s not a mystery.


In this creative DIY project, a simple coffee pot that contributes an incredible lovely morning to millions

of people has been repurposed to give a beautiful life to plants. You can transform your spare coffee pot

into an adorable terrarium. It will not only give a life to plants but can also be placed on your table as a

piece of interior decoration.


The first creator of this creative DIY project of the coffee pot is Enid. The creator said that plants and

coffee are linked in her mind since her childhood. In her infancy, her mother and grandmother used to

fertilize overgrown devil’s vines, by adding some coffee grounds. This creative DIY coffee pot project was

created by Enid to give up a tribute to her grandmother. Enid’s grandmother was a great lover of

houseplants and roses.


This creative project can be easily completed by using a simple coffee pot and a few nature relics. You

can turn your coffee pot into an incredible terrarium by following a few interesting and easy steps:


Supplies you need:

To make this creative terrarium, you need a few supplies:

• A mini coffee pot

• A few mini air plants (Enid used Ionantha Fuego and a Green Tillandsia)

• A little amount of white sand

• Some Moss (the brighter works best)

• A few River rocks or aquarium rocks

• Few small pieces of Decorations like gemstones, shells, or miniatures

• It’s up to you if you want to add more things.


How to make:

• Fill the coffee pot with one inch of sand.

• Scatter some river rocks on the sand.

• Now, place some moss onto the rocks in the back.

• Move from back to front.

• Place your plants in front to have a right or the best view.

• Add some gemstones or shells to make your coffee pot terrarium prettier.

• Your outstanding terrarium is ready.

• You can serve it with a cup of coffee.

• Or, you can also use it as a piece of decoration.


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to share interesting information regarding food materials, fashion, interior and other new trends with

her audience.

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