DIY: Crochet Hook Holder

Hey Guys!

I was in desperate need of a new hook holder for my crochet hooks. So I went about scouring the net to find some patterns. I found this beauty over at Craft Town.Β 

m550xm500__crochet case 2 v2


m96xm86__crochet case v2


Sooo….I am not that great at reading patterns, I get confused and lost. This pattern was no exception. I started fine but then I couldn’t understand what the pattern was telling me to do next. So I did my own thing.

I will list my pattern that I came up with but I’ll warn you, it’s tedious and probably the long way of completing it but it worked for me!

Here is what I did:

ch 41

Row 1: 40 sc, turn

Row 2-35:Β ch 1, 40 sc, turn

It should look like a big square


I changed colors and after I attached my cc to the middle of the square on the left side (I eyeballed the middle)

4 sc, ch 1, turn

repeat this pattern until the strip is the length of the square, it will look like this

excuse my poor lighting :(

excuse my poor lighting πŸ™

Next, you just flip the strip over the square like this


Then I just grabbed my needle and thread to match the cc (tan) (here is the tedious part) and I sewed down my strip onto my square to secure it, I sewed both the top and the bottom of the strip.

Next I added the shell design as the pattern had but I added mine all the way around the square.

To do the shell:

start on any corner and do 5 dc, sk 1 sc, sl st into the next sc. then repeat all the way around.

It should look like this:

better lighting :)

better lighting πŸ™‚

I don’t weave my ends, I sew all my ends down once I am finished.

You then insert your hooks into the strip in the middle πŸ™‚

To close your hook holder, just roll it up and I decided to add two buttons to mine instead of a ribbon as the pattern suggested.


I secured my buttons with pink thread to match the pink yarn. Then for the button holders. I attached my cc again (tan) and ch 6 and sl st it to the base and sewed my ends in place.

All Done!

I hope I explained this well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks and enjoy!


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