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Hey Guys!

I am back with another DIY project, I am still working on my master bedroom redo and I finally just completed my dresser makeover.

Here is the before and after:

Dresser Makeover

So let’s start with how the dresser looked before I started. This is what I was working with.

Dresser MakeoverNot bad but didn’t fit the décor I am going for in my room. So let’s get to work! I started by sanding the dresser 3 times with 3 different grits. First was with 80, then 120 and finally 220.

Here is how the dresser looked after I finished all my sanding.

Dresser MakeoverDresser Makeover

After my sanding was done, I wiped down everything with a tack cloth. Now I was ready for paint. I used this Valspar Signature interior paint I scored at Lowe’s on the As Is cart for $5.00. This paint normally retailed for $43.00. The color is a dark matte gray.

I applied two coats with a sponge brush and then I let the paint cure on its own for 2 weeks before moving it into my room.

I also switched out the big wooden knobs that came with the dresser to these smaller metal ones. However I spray painted them to match the rest of my room this light gray color. I used the Valspar Project Perfect Primer in gray.

Dresser Makeover

Before the spray paint (left) after the spray paint (right)

Here is the spray paint I used, I purchased this at Home Depot.

Valspar Project Perfect

Just when life was going good and I was just about to wrap up my project by screwing my new knobs on I discovered that the screws that came with the knobs were too long. My hubby had to run out to Lowe’s to buy the same size screws just a smidge shorter.

Dresser Makeover

(left) my new screws, (right) too long screws 🙁

Finally after that little set back I was done!!!

Here she is in all her glory, sitting pretty in my room! I love it, the color is fantastic and it looks like a new dresser!

What do you guys think?

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