DIY Easy Sew Clutch Purse Project

Hey guys!

So I bought myself a Singer Sewing Machine last summer in the hopes of learning how to sew clothes for my kids and occasionally myself. I made a pretty cool summer dress for Jordyn, (I’ll make a post on that later) and then I came across a really cool DIY easy sew clutch project/tutorial that was posted on Mimi G‘s website. 

Unfortunately the tutorial is no longer posted, as it was a limited time only posting, so I can’t share a link with you but I did want to show off my finished result


What I learned from this project:

Disclaimer: This is my second ever sewing project I’ve done.

  • The corner to the left in the picture where the zipper is, it’s kinda stuff inside meaning I sewed up to high and I need to correct it and pick up the seams cause it’s bugging me.
  • Also I used a suede-like material for my corners in red the tutorial used felt but I wanted something a little more fancy 🙂 By doing this I learned that suede-like material frays 🙁 So if I use this material again on another clutch I need to either fold over the raw edges and sew it on or use some fray stopping stuff I seen a gal use on another blog.



  • I could have sewn in a pocket or two in the inside to hold my cell or lip balm, I didn’t think of this until after I finished. Although it’s never too late to go back and add one.

Overall I love my new clutch, I think it’s awesome and despite my flaws I think it looks cool and hip and I am going to carry it around anyway! I love the color choices I made I think they go nicely together and I plan on making a bunch more in different colors and patterns and materials!

Materials Used

The tutorial called for a Duck Cloth material but the store I went too only had solid colors in that material so I opted for a similar material in the Home Decor section, it’s about 2 times lighter than the Duck Cloth.

For the lining I used a light weight cotton material and the tutorial called for a light weight material so that worked out fine

For the corners I used a suede-like material and the tutorial called for felt but I am sure you can use pretty much any material.

9 inch zipper

What do you think? How did I do on my new purse?


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