DIY: Jewelry Display


So over the years I’ve managed to build up a little collection of fashion jewelry and lately I’ve noticed that I seem to have run out of space to store my necklaces in my jewelry box. All of my necklaces were stuffed inside and were getting all tangled and I found myself not even wearing half of them anymore because they weren’t easily accessible.

So the other day while in Wal Mart I decided I would pick up a few supplies to make myself a proper jewelry display.

I purchased a cork board for $6.49



And a pack of 50 of these screw-in hooks for $2.49



I placed 13 hooks into my board and then hung my necklaces on them



Ta-Da all finished, this cork board was awesome because it came with 3M foam double sided sticky tabs so I hung this board in my closet so when I am getting dressed or picking out my outfit I can clearly see which necklace would match!

I left myself a little room in the middle for more hooks, I love this board and the hooks because I can store my bracelets on it if I want or even hang my earrings on it!

Total Cost: $9.00



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