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Hey Guys!

I am back with another DIY project. Today’s post will be a planter makeover. This planter was purchased on Craiglist for $10.

planter makeover

Here she is in all her glory! It’s a big plastic planter and when I tell ya it was ugly and needed work, boy I am not lying! In this picture, I’ve already sanded a bit of the rough spots out as best I could.

Next, it was time to measure out the design. I measured 3 inches down from the top and made markings with a pen all the way around.

planter makeover

Then the same step was repeated for the bottom, except this time the measurement was just 1 1/2 inches up from the bottom.

planter makeover

Painter’s tape was added.

planter makeover

Then was time to take this bad boy out to the garage to spray paint it white.

planter makeover

After the paint dried, the old tape came off and new tape went on just below the white paint to line up perfectly with the next color that was going in the middle. Stay with me it’s all going to make sense soon. 🙂

But before the next color went on in the middle, I had to add some paper to protect my beautiful white paint that was just applied.

planter makeover

Now it’s ready for the middle color of paint!

planter makeover

Isn’t she lovely? The gold metallic paint just really makes her pop. Time to remove all the paper.

planter makeoverI actually used the paper to stuff the inside because I didn’t have any planter/floral foam stuff on hand.

Here’s a tip: paint the inside of your planter, I didn’t and kinda wished I had, but I made it work anyway.

Next, I added my moss from the dollar tree (two bags).

planter makeover

All done!

planter makeover

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