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Hey Guys!

Today’s post is going to show you how I take an ordinary purchased decorative piece and update it to fit the theme of my bedroom.

Let’s get started! I started out with this piece I purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. It was on clearance for $3.99.

updating a decorative pieceThis was a great find and it is pretty as is, however it doesn’t match the theme or colors in my room. So to fix that I started by spray painting it a satin ivory.

updating a decorative pieceAfter spraying paint two light coats I wanted to jazz it up a bit more and add a different color. So I looked in my stash of paints and found these two colors which I mixed together.

acrylic paintsAfter mixing the colors together I ended up with a muted brown-y beige-y color.

mixed acrylic paintsI used a small paint brush and painted a couple of the rings around the base of the piece along with the flowers. Here is how it turned out.

updating a decorative piece updating a decorative pieceThe color was still a little too orange-y for me so I went back over it with just the Vintage White acrylic paint with my paint brush and softened the color a bit.

Here is the finished product.

updating a decorative piece

Much better!

updating a decorative piece

Here is the piece in my room.

updating a decorative piece

I hope I’ve inspired you guys to look beyond what you see in the store and tap into your creative side to truly make a piece your own.

Thanks for reading!

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