DIY | Home Decor: Set of 3 Pictures

Hello there! 

Today’s post will feature a DIY Home Decor project featuring a set of 3 pictures.

This little set of pictures have been hanging around the house FOREVER!!! One day as I was passing by the wall they currently sit on I thought to myself, ‘hmm, these pictures don’t really match any of my current home decor colors or theme’. 

Set of 3 Pictures

The Before

So after a quick trip to Michael’s to pick up a few supplies, using a coupon of course. 🙂 The set of 3 pictures have been refreshed into these beauties!

Set of 3 Pictures

The After

The first step was spray painting the black frames a nice shiny gold. Next this nicely textured white floral design paper was used. The paper was cut down to size and glued on the cardboard backing that came with the pictures. 

Set of 3 Pictures

The next item used were these self-adhesive cooper/goldish colored gems. The gems were glued to the center of each flower on the paper. Even though they were self-adhesive for added durability a dab of glue was added. 

Also used for added flair were these glitter specks.

Again a little dab of glue and a pair of tweezers were used to add the individual specks of glitter. The glitter specks were placed randomly throughout the paper. 

The final look is sooo different and now properly matches the rest of the theme that makes up the basement. Total project cost under $10 for materials! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Until next time!

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