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Hi ladies 🙂

Let’s get a little personal shall we? 🙂 I’ve always had a challenging time finding a good deodorant that works with my crazy body. I’ve been through so many brands it would make your head spin. I’ve tried natural deodorants as well; heck I even tried making my own deodorant too. That last idea didn’t go over so well; my body screamed at me “Are you kidding? This is a joke right?”


Here’s where that personal part comes into play, I sweat A LOT and it doesn’t even have to be hot outside for my body to go all wacky on me. In the past I had always been able to use one brand of deodorant for a couple of months at a time before it would suddenly stop working for me. I would develop a rash and the itches like crazy under my arms which in turn left unsightly dark marks, boo! 🙁 Then I’d be forced to try a new brand of deodorant.



My A-ha moment (In my Oprah voice) came when on my last trip to pick up a new brand of deodorant I decided to go with Dove. I’ve always LOVED Dove products, I use their body wash and their bar soap, I alternate between the two. But for some strange reason I never tried their deodorant before. This was months ago, longer than my usual switcheroo and Dove has continued to work like a charm for me!


Dove’s newest product, Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is designed to reduce red and darks left from shaving in just two weeks! It also provides 1/4 moisturizers to replenish skin after your daily shaving routine.

Specially formulated with Calendula and Sunflower Seed Extracts, Dove Clear Tone accelerates the natural skin renewal process to help restore skin to its natural tone. I definitely can feel how moisturizing this deodorant is compared to leading brands. My skin is left soft, supple and dry all day long.



Dove Clear Tone also provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection and comes in four different scents including the new Pink Rosa. Pink Rosa is a floral and fruity fragrance that smells heavenly; it’s light and subtle not too strong. It’s just perfect like the baby bear’s oatmeal 🙂 (Did you catch what I did there? Sometimes I’m clever 😉

Dove Clear Tone can be found in drugstores nationwide and for more information you can go to Dove to learn more, “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter



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5 Responses to Dove Clear Tone Deodorant: Review

  1. Kristyn says:

    i am looking for a new deodorant and will have to give this one a try, thanks for the review!

  2. vianney rodriguez says:

    great review, will pass along! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I might pick some up for my daughter… didn’t realize there was a deodorant that helped remove dark color … perfect!

  4. Ashley Sears says:

    My teen daughter just tried this deodorant and she really liked it too! It has a great fresh scent to it.

  5. I love Schmidts deodorant. Natural and toxic free. I used to use Dove…but I’ve changed all my cosmetics to a more natural approach.

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