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Today’s post is another furniture makeover, featuring a TV stand makeover. I picked up this TV stand from craigslist for $15.

TV Stand Makeover
The black hardware was removed prior to this picture

After a good wipe down, it was time for paint. I used my favorite little inexpensive chalk paint I picked up from Joann’s. The color used for this project is called, White Adirondack.

It took three coats of paint and really to be honest a fourth coat could have been applied to really finish it off. But I was being lazy and didn’t feel like painting on another coat, so three coats it was!

A light sanding was done between each coat and a quick wipe down. After the three coats of paint two coats of polycrylic was applied to seal it up. I used a synethic brush to apply the paint and sealer.

Next up the hardware. A quick coat of metallic gold spray paint was used on the hinges and knobs to breathe new life into them.

Time to put it altogether and see how she looks!

TV Stand Makeover
TV Stand Makeover

She looks lovely next to my DIY planter makeover if you want to check out that post click here!

TV Stand Makeover

How do you think the TV stand makeover turned out?

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