Hair: Rant


Can we talk? (Joan Rivers voice)

Brace yourselves this is a hair rant post.

Okay so for all my readers that actually care/enjoy/or are interested in my hair talk, styles, tips, product reviews or what have you, you may have been wondering: “Why haven’t I seen any hair stuff lately?” Or maybe you haven’t anyhow I’ll tell you why you haven’t seen any hair posts lately, well for me I haven’t been doing anything amazing with my hair as of late just a lot of buns and ponytails and then ponytails that turn into buns after a few days 🙂 I did one braid out which will be a post soon yay! Okay maybe I’m the only one excited about that.

As far as Jordyn goes her hair styles have been very basic nothing to write home about so to speak, but I will be doing a length check post on her hair soon as well as my own because we are a little overdue on that, however this time I won’t be flat ironing our hair as in previous length posts but the numbers will be up for comparison 🙂

I will also be talking about some new products I have been using on myself as well as Jordyn. So be on the lookout for some product review coming soon!

So I have been in a rut lately with my hair, you see I had this grand master plan for my hair and well now I don’t know if I want to stick to that plan. I originally wanted waist length hair and while I still do (a little) I also like the way my hair looks in a wash n go or a braid out or twist out when it is layered. The curls just seem to fall all into place nicely. I noticed that when I started to let my hair grow out into one length I was developing pyramid hair which is horrible 🙁 I also noticed that since my hair is growing longer (not that it is considered long in my eyes but it’s growing) that it takes longer to detangle and more effort, and seeing how I am super lazy  some of the time I can only imagine how long or how much effort it’s going to take to wash/condition and detangle at waist length.

Hmmmm okay I’ll keep pondering on this and keep letting my hair grow for now and we’ll re-visit this topic later. I am sure when I do I’ll look back and think I must have been temporary crazy for posting this and I’ll love my long hair haha! Hey a girl can dream right?

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4 Responses to Hair: Rant

  1. Michelle G says:

    Love the honesty in this.

  2. Grace says:

    It doesn’t hurt to let it grow long just to see if you’ll like it. I say go for it. You can always cut it. I will probably give you heart failure in revealing to you that I cut my hair myself with a pair of Conair clippers at 7/8 inch. I use to wear my hair to my hips when I was younger but love the freedom and no maintenance of extremely short hair. I thought I’d grow it out this winter but changed my mind, whacked it off and am content.
    Best of luck with choosing the hair length of your choice. I enjoyed reading your post.

    • divalocks10 says:

      Thank you for such nice words 🙂 I completely understand about the no maintenance of short hair, sounds wonderful!

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