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Hey Guys,

Today’s post is on this awesome Crocheted Pillow Cover that I found online for free from LeeLee Knits. I was searching for a cool design to crochet over a cheap throw pillow that I bought off of Craigslist for $1. I was a little intimidated by the design at first and wondered if I could pull it off. I am by no means an expert in crocheting and sometimes I start patterns and realize, sometimes quickly and sometimes half way through that I just can’t do it!

But I thought I’d give it a shot and try it out. To my surprise the pattern was super easy to follow and I didn’t mess up once! Score!

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Nice and loose!

I followed the instructions to a T and thankfully started out my chain with a loose stitch. Sometimes I find myself crocheting too tightly.

Here are the colors and brand of yarn I used for this project, as well as my crochet needle.

I chose these colors because they match the theme of my bedroom and I chose this brand because well, it was cheap at Joann’s.

Crocheted Pillow CoverSo I crocheted two complete sides and I did about 8 rows of the light brown/tan color and the rest with the cream color. I just measured my pillow that I was covering and knew that since the yarn stretched that I needed to crochet it a bit smaller (just a tad) than the actual pillow.

This took me FOREVER guys! Like seriously, forever! I did take breaks, but in all it probably took me a couple of weeks to finish, probably because I’m lazy, but never mind that.

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Just a a smidge smaller 🙂

Then I just sewed my pillow cover together on three sides and then stuffed my leopard print ugliness (no offense to any leopard print lovers out there) inside. Then I stitched up the opening and viola all done!

Crocheted Pillow Cover

Isn’t she purdy?

Now you’re probably wondering, how the heck can you wash it if you sewed it all up!? Well my friends, the top stitch is just done with yarn and I can easily unweave it and slip the pillow out and throw it in the wash when I need to. Mic drop.

That’s it for this post guys, until next time!


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