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Last night I was thinking of what I could make for breakfast and I realized that I had a bag of potatoes in my pantry that were being neglected. So I decided to make some home fries with them. The perfect addition to any breakfast.

To start you will need potatoes, I happen to have three russet potatoes

three potatoesNext rinse and peel them and then cut them into small cubes that look like this:

cut potatoesWhile cutting the potatoes start a pot of boiling water, so it would be ready for the potatoes once you are done chopping.

boiling water Drop the cut potatoes into the pot of water and let them cook for 4 minutes. You don’t want to cook the potatoes all the way through, you just want them to be half way cooked. While the potatoes were boiling I started a skillet with canola oil on medium to high heat. After the 4 minutes are up, drain the potatoes then dry them in a paper towel a bit, just to soak up the excess water. You don’t want the potatoes to be soaking wet when you put them in the pain of oil.

cooking in oilWhile the potatoes were cooking I seasoned them with seasoning salt and black pepper but you could use whatever seasonings your heart desires. Let them cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. I cooked my home fries in two separate batches as I didn’t want to crowd the skillet. Once they are done place them on a paper towel to drain the excess oil.

Let the home fries cool for a few minutes then you are ready to eat!

home fries



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