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Hey Guys!

In my down time I love finding new blogs to read so I can find some inspiration in all areas of my life whether it’s new crafts or recipes or make-up looks.

So when I was browsing around Social Fabric and saw they were having a virtual gift exchange I decided to sign up. What better way to meet a cool new blogger than this, I thought to myself.


My gift exchange recipient is Shary the author/editor of Atta Mama. I’ve been visiting Shary’s site quite often over the last week or so to see what kind of person and blogger she is, and she is amazing just as she said she was in her About Me section on her blog 🙂

We have so much in common it’s kinda crazy, from tattoos to sewing and crocheting it was really cool learning about her. I love her writing style!!!!

I found some really cool DIY projects done by Shary and this DIY: Envelopes from Magazine Pages will definitely be going on my to-do list 🙂

 DIY Magazine Pages Envelopes

 To learn more about Shary and all her awesomeness check out her social media channels:





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  1. Shary says:

    Aw thanks so much, Tiffany! I love making envelopes. I’m actually about to re-purpose some maps here in a few. 🙂

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