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Hello there!

Summer is upon us guys and for me and all my fellow glasses wearing folks that doesn’t exactly spell a great time for outdoor activities if you don’t have a pair of prescription sunglasses. Every year I tell myself I am going to save a little extra money so that I can buckled down and finally buy myself a nice pair so I am not stuck squinting and shielding my eyes from the sun. But every year something else comes up and luck isn’t on my side and my prescription sunglass dreams never come true.

Until now! Luckily the clouds parted and luck was dropped off in my email inbox from a wonderful company called Discount Glasses.

Discount GlassesDiscount Glasses offers both eyeglasses and sunglasses and their sister site Discount Contact Lenses offers, well contact lenses! I love that the wait to receive your glasses was hardly no time at all. When I received them they came with a nice case, a small bottle of cleaner along with a wipe cloth. The variety to choose from was awesome, they offer so many different shapes, styles, colors and sizes! I had such a hard time picking out which pair I wanted. There affordable pricing though makes it easy to go back and purchase more pairs in different styles.

Discount Glasses

I love a good cat eye!

The company offers a 1 year guarantee on their products and their home office, lab and customer service are all U.S. based. Everyone is covered, they have styles and offerings for men, women and children.

Discount Glasses

I’ve had my sunglasses for a month or so now and they are working out just perfectly! They protect my eyes and I can see clearly! It’s a win-win.

Discount GsassesIf you would like to try them out for yourself or maybe a pair of contacts instead then use my code for 10% off your order on either site: BLOGDCLDG10

What do you guys think of my new shades?



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