Our Hair Story

Our haircare journey started in Dec 2010 when I stumbled across a hair blog, my interest immediately piqued and I found myself searching for more hair blogs and hair care tips. I decided to start this blog as a way to share our hair experiences with like-minded people. In the beginning, I only focused on Jordyn’s hair but after a while, I decided why should the mommy be excluded? 🙂 So I began showing my trial & error styles, as I like to call them.

With time the blog grew and developed and also included other aspects of life that interest me. So we now have a Fashion Fun, Beauty Buzz, and a craft corner showcasing DIY Crafts made by me 🙂


Prior to my hair wake-up call, I never thought much about caring for hair. Sure I would make sure my daughter’s 3c/4a hair was styled every day, but my styles were not creative and consisted of ponytails. I didn’t know how to cornrow or do flat twists, I didn’t know what a twist out or box braids was or even thought to do a braid out. I didn’t know what were “bad” ingredients in the products I was using on her hair, I was clueless!


I NEVER embraced my naturally curly 3b hair. The most my natural hair would be pulled into a ponytail, never down and out. I didn’t know how to style it, I didn’t know what products to use. I straightened my hair with excessive heat for many years, pressing, flat ironing, then curling with a curling iron (in that order). I began to notice that when my hair was wet and supposed to be curly that I would have sections that stayed straight, at first I thought Yes!!!! It will be so much easier to press or flat iron if my hair is already semi-straight. (How sad huh?) Then as I began on this path I realized that was horrible and I drastically reduced my heat usage. I can’t say that I have cut it out completely because I do sometimes enjoy my straight-haired look but I have found a balance.

I hope you find some useful information or tips while reading our blog. I am by no means a hair expert or professional, and I am in no way telling anyone what they should do with their hair. Just sharing my thoughts and experiences.

The journey continues…..

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