Room Reveal: DIY decorations and room tour

Hey Guys!

First let me begin with saying I didn’t take any before pictures, boo! I know I suck sorry, but I promise to take some of Jalen’s room so you guys can see the before and after.

So this post will just be an after post of Jordyn’s new room. I was given a ton of stuff by my sister and I didn’t have to buy many things (I really lucked up)

The colors of her room are black, white/cream, and hot pink as an accent color.

Let’s get started!

Jordyn’s old room theme was a garden/bug theme so on the walls we had those removable stickers of bugs and flowers and she has a lavender butterfly comforter set and white sheer curtains with lavender matching butterfly tie backs and curtain rods.

When you first walk into her room I set up this little reading area



The hot pink bean bag was from Big Lots (remember when it was called Pic N Save, aww memories) it cost $15 the two Pink Love pillows are from Victoria Secret’s I got them from my sister so I didn’t pay anything for them. The hook was a plain unfinished wood hook I bought from Joann’s awhile back, I used acrylic paint in hot pink, white paint in the middle with glitter dusted over the top. She uses the hook to hang her backpack up πŸ™‚

Next up is her bed



The bed set actually was a gift from my sister but she told me she bought it from a yard sale!

Right above the bed is this



The letters came from my sister but you can find letters at Joann’s or any other craft store. The stars I bought at Joann’s they came in unfinished wood just ready to be painted in a pack of 20 for $3.49. I bought a tube of acrylic paint in a shiny silver color for $1.49 and painted the stars and then used foam double sided sticky tape to stick them on the wall.


To the left of her bed



We have her cork board I bought this from Walmart for $10 and painted it black on the outer edge to match the theme of her room. This where she displays all of her dance awards. The applique in the middle came from Joann’s for $0.99 and it was already painted hot pink I just added a stripe of black paint down the middle to match πŸ™‚



Up next we have her dresser, all I did to this was spray paint the knobs black to match πŸ™‚



The floor right beside her bed we have her big hot pink fuzzy area rug that my sister gave me, I believe she said she bought it from Target, not sure of the cost though.



Above the dresser we have her two wall shelves, I bought from Joann’s for $3 each they were unfinished wood and I painted them black to match. She uses this to hang her school Honor Roll awards, her dance award, and her Victoria’s Secret Pink dog πŸ™‚



Here we have her bookshelf. I bought this from Walmart for $30 and spray painted it black. (It was previously spray painted lavender, don’t just love spray paint). The window curtain I already had on hand as well as the tie back but both can be bought at Walmart. The curtain panel would run about $10 and the tie backs (you get two in a pack) would be about the same price.

Closer look at the bookshelf

Closer look at the bookshelf

The baskets I bought at Joann’s when they were 50% off so I paid $4.99 each, they hold her DVD’s and her other nick knacks πŸ™‚

The hot pink trash can was bought at Walmart for $3.47

SAM_3871This lamp was also given to me by my sister but it didn’t match the room theme well. So I looked in my stash and decided to hot glue some black ribbon around it to match πŸ™‚

SAM_3874That’s better πŸ™‚

So that concludes our tour πŸ™‚ I hope you guys might have found a little inspiration from our post!



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  1. Bailey C. says:

    I love how changing the knobs of a dresser changes the entire look!

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