Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

Hello There!

We are back with another hairstyle for you guys, this is the side cornrows & curly twists.

I attempted to make one row of small cornrows and one row of big cornrows, but I obviously can’t braid small : / oh well

I still think the style came out cute

I used sponge rollers on the lower half of the twists to get the curls

Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

Side Cornrows & Curly Twists



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6 Responses to Side Cornrows & Curly Twists

  1. This is such a pretty style!

  2. Brooke says:

    This is way cute…definitely a style I’m going to try

  3. Katherine G says:

    I love this style!!! It would fit my 12 year old as well

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