Style Inspiration: Naturally Curious Elegant Criss Cross Chignon

Hey Guys,

I came across this gorgeous style done by Naturally Curious on youtube, she called it an Elegant Criss Cross Chignon (Low Bun on “Natural Hair”)

I was instantly in love and in awe, I though to myself I am so going to try this on my hair. It just so happened that me and hubby were going to the R. Kelly and New Edition concert that night at the Staples Center in L.A. for the BET Live weekend and my hair was already flat ironed.

Here is my attempt, it actually looks nothing like hers, boo! 🙁 but I still liked it and it definitely added interest to my otherwise boring ponytail

natutrally curious youtube style~1


I parted the front part of my hair from ear to ear and made a total of three rolling twists on each side of my head (near my hairline and/or ears) I criss crossed the twists in the back of my head under my ponytail.

natutrally curious youtube style


Then I added a little extra hair from the bottom of my ponytail to wrap around the ponytail.

natutrally curious youtube style~2




I am going to try this style again on my naturally curly hair and see if I can get it looking a little more like the original style.


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