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Wavy Braid Out

Style: Wavy Braid Out So to start this style, I sectioned my hair into two sections. Then I made two Dutch braids or cornrows going to the back of my head. Once the two braids are finished roll and tuck them under and bobby … Continue reading

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Cornrows and ponytails

Style: Cornrows and ponytails Here is a new style I did for Jordyn that lasted us a whole week, woo-hoo! To start section off a section in the front of the head from ear to ear. Make a vertical part within … Continue reading

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2 Criss Cross Cornrows into Ponytails

Style: 2 Criss Cross Cornrows into Ponytails I came up with this style on a whim and I thought it came out pretty cute! Start on freshly washed, conditioned, detangled, dry stretched hair, next part the hair horizontally from ear … Continue reading

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Braided Twist | Protective Style

Lately it has been unusually cold here in So Cal so I wanted to give Jordyn a cute protective style and this popped into my head. I started with the take down of a previous hair style and we started out … Continue reading

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Braids & Twists

Style: Braids & Twists Who says you can’t have both? Actually this is the first time I’ve mixed the two and I think it looks great 🙂     Enjoy!

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