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Ponytails and Flat Twists

Style: Ponytails and Flat Twists I was stumped for style ideas so I just thought of this 🙂 One side ponytail in the front with a flat twist design and then two ponytails in the back with two twists each. … Continue reading

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Twists & Flat Twists

So I was bored and decided to flat twist Jordyn’s hair and then just do individual twists in the back 🙂 Products Used: Water (Spray Bottle) Shea Butter Creme Mix       Enjoy!

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Twisted Ponytails

Style: Twisted Ponytails Just a quick simple school style 🙂 Time: 25 min or less           Enjoy!

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Braids & Twists

Style: Braids & Twists Who says you can’t have both? Actually this is the first time I’ve mixed the two and I think it looks great 🙂     Enjoy!

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Back To School Hair Style: 6 looks in 1

Hey Guys! So I started this Batch To School Hair Style: 6 looks in 1 with four ponytails going vertical down the middle of the diva heads and then added a few cornrows to each ponytail for a little pizazz … Continue reading

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