Valentine’s Day Hair Style: Hair Carnival

Okay, okay so I said I wasn’t going to do a Valentine’s Day hair style post because I was over the hearts thing but I always planned on doing on for Jordyn to go to school with, well here I am doing the post : /
Don’t judge me! Maybe next time I’ll keep my big mouth shut.

So at first I tried to recreate this style I saw on a Facebook page but I wanted to do a double heart

Valentine's Day Hair Style I didn’t particularly care for the way it turned out and I used a million bobby pins which I knew Jordyn wouldn’t like later in the day. So I changed the heart to this

Valentine's Day Hair Style

Valentine's Day Hair Style

with flash

Less bobby pin useage and I like it!

Here is the rest of the head


Hear Hair Clips

I made these cute heart hair clips

 Now go on and check out these other amazingly creative styles!

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13 Responses to Valentine’s Day Hair Style: Hair Carnival

  1. Michelle G says:

    This is really pretty. I love the heart clippie you made. Diva looks happy as pie and beauty too!

  2. I love the heart clips! Is that 2 twists on each side in the second version? Very pretty 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! I love how full her twisted hearts are. Diva’s hair is beautiful!

  4. LOVE this style! Too cute!

  5. i love this! i like how it looks from the back too and the heart clippie is adorable

  6. BraidwithMe says:

    Cute style! I love how she’s showing off her nails lol!!

  7. Brooke says:

    Oh, I love it!! I like both of them actually…great job!

  8. Shaunic says:

    Tiffany the twist heart is really cute!

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