Wavy Braid Out

Style: Wavy Braid Out

So to start this style, I sectioned my hair into two sections. Then I made two Dutch braids or cornrows going to the back of my head. Once the two braids are finished roll and tuck them under and bobby pin them in place.

Wavy Braid OutI wore my hair like this for 3 days

Then I took the braids down for a braid out and flat twisted the front and pinned it and came up with this style

Wavy Braid Out Wavy Braid Out Wavy Braid Out

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4 Responses to Wavy Braid Out

  1. Chance says:

    I like this look. I have the hardest time doing decent flat twists on myself. :-/ I can do them on my daughter no problem though.

  2. Michelle G says:

    Lovely, your flat twists look soooo good and so does your braid out.

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