Wet n Wild + Essie = Cool Fall nail colors

Hey there!

I started with a bottle of Wet n Wild Megalast  in Under Your Spell, I spotted a coupon in my local Sunday paper for $1 off so I headed out to Rite Aid on my lunch break and found it for $1.99 so I paid $0.99. 🙂

It has a Manicurve Pro Brush or as I call it a flat brush with makes the strokes of polish glide on in about 2-3 strokes.

I already had on hand a bottle of Essie’s Good As Gold decided to add a zebra stripe effect. This is my go to design because it’s easy and quick and I’ve pretty much mastered it at this point 🙂

Here are the results:


 Please ignore the small chip on my index finger (if you are anal like myself then you’ve noticed it) which is why I am typing my disclaimer. This is actually day of 4 wearing this polish, darn me for not getting a pic on day 1 : / 

The design came out perfectly minus my smudge of a stroke of clear top coat. I suppose the Essie wasn’t dry enough yet before I applied my top coat and guess what!!! I wasn’t going to take it off and redo it again either, besides it wasn’t even that noticeable 🙂

Perfect color combo for the fall season 🙂


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