With ZYRTEC® Allergies Aren’t A Concern

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I’ve never been a big sufferer of allergies in the past but there are times when I am out and about I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been suffering from itchy watery eyes. It happens so fast, literally from the time I am walking from my car in the parking lot into a building my eyes are so itchy and watery I can barely see! My vision is blurry and then my nose starts to get a little running, by the time I’ve reached my destination I’ve quickly turned into a leaking faucet and then I look like a crying mess!

One day after coming into work looking like I’d been crying for hours I told my co-worker about my allergies I’d been getting lately and she told me about ZYRTEC® and how it helps her and her daughter with their allergy symptoms. Once my lunch break came I immediately went to my local drug store and picked up a bottle. I am happy to say that I no longer have to endure the itchy watery eyes and running nose!

 Allergy Face definitely has some great tips on how to combat the unwanted signs of allergies all while keeping you looking flawless! From tips on how to minimize puffy eyes to combating watery eyes, there is something for everyone.

Check out this video:

I’ve found that keeping my make-up brushes clean and tossing out any old make-up helps to prevent any infections or bacterias from getting on my skin or in my eyes. While battling my allergies the last thing I want to worry about is causing more irritation or causing any new problems from using dirty brushes or old contanimated make-up, yuck!

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What are some of your beauty tips for tackling allergy face?

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